PP and Vox’s ‘liberation crusade’ pushes back historical memory in much of Spain

After the regional and municipal elections of last May, the agreements between the PP and Vox are already affecting one of the ideological battles of the right: historical memory. This Thursday, Aragon became the first community to take the forceful step of repealing the Memory Law, effective from 2018, with a bipartisan proposal joined by PAR. The repeal of legislation aimed at guaranteeing the rights of victims of the civil war and Francoism was one of the main commitments that this right stamped into their government agreements, but the backsliding is already visible at various levels.

the government Aragon in fulfilling the promise. With such a symbolic date as November 20th, the anniversary of Franco’s death, the PP and Vox started the process and on February 1st they took the initiative for Cortes to debate the abolition of the norm. Its approval, opposed by PSOE, CHA, Arag√≥n-Teruel Exist, Podemos and IU, took place only 15 days later. With this reversal, the regional executive will cease financial support for exhumations, anthropological studies and genetic analyzes of the remains found in the 1,026 mass graves discovered.

Source: El Diario

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