Maria Luisa Sola, Sigourney Weaver’s voice actress: “Her words give visibility to an entire profession”

Actress María Luisa Sola, who voices Sigourney Weaver in Spanish, admitted she was “surprised” and “excited” as the New Yorker remembered her at the International Goya reception, saying she was the main character in the acceptance speech. alien It gave “visibility to the entire profession.”

In an interview with EFE from his home in central Barcelona, ​​Sola, 85 and with decades of professional experience, explained that he would “love” to meet Weaver in person and that, in fact, he wants to. To thank him. If it was something far away.

“I was watching the awards very quietly until he came out and said what he said. I couldn’t believe it. This surprised me, made me think and I was able to see what kind of person he is, what category he has. “What he did is done only by great people who are confident in themselves and don’t mind saying thanks,” he said.

In addition to Weaver, Sola, whose clear and impressive voice also voices other actors such as Glenn Close, Susan Sarandon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Judi Dench, Faye Dunaway, Helen Mirren, Vanessa Redgrave, Jane Fonda, Jacqueline Bisset and Diane Keaton. Others, it is a reference to the profession.

“I want to thank everyone because they contributed a lot to me and it enriched me to voice such important actors,” added the Catalan, who noted that he knows “how to speak, how to breathe, how to open his mouth. and similar details” about each of them, because “looking at his face, reading his lips, it takes many hours.”

In his speech, Weaver said that his “friend” actor Bill Murray always tells him that his performance in Spanish is better because of the actor who dubs him.

When asked what percentage he considers the success of an American actor, Sola is humble and emphasizes that he tries to respect the actors “100%”, but that it is his interpretation “that rules”. “A screen actor is always in charge and you do your best to respect their work,” he said. “Even with the help of a dubbing director who has seen it before and is helping you, you try to make it the best you can and give it the quality it deserves,” he adds.

Sola, who estimates “about 3,000 titles” behind him, confirms that he and the rest of his colleagues are working “to show that Spanish dubbing has an important category.”

Furthermore, when asked about the debate caused by the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the dubbing world, Sola expressed concern, saying that “it threatens to become a serious problem.” “It is difficult and threatens us, I don’t know in the short or long term. But here we are. We are trying not only in Spain, but throughout Europe to fight for the profession and not to cause too much damage,” he said.

Source: El Diario





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