Micomicón Teatro stages the double victims of ETA and Francoism in the film “Our Dead”.

There are hot days, above 30 degrees. In June 2017, the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory (ARMH) has been excavating and recovering remains from Grave 1 at Guadalajara Cemetery for days. Argentinian magistrate Maria Cervini has granted a new search under the principle of universal justice to find the remains of Ascension Mendieta’s father, Timoteo, a member of the UGT trade union, who was killed four months after the end of the Spanish Civil War.

During those days of excitement and work, Laila Ripoll and Mariano Llorente, from the Micomicón theater group, shared the vicissitudes and emotions of the exhumation with the ARMH technicians and had the opportunity to talk, nerves and confession with the Ascension. “We were writing the previous work, The forest is getting thickerAnd we were able to be there, sitting with him, while they were leaving the earth. I was very impressed by that woman, her resilience and humanity. And that’s when I started thinking about it, what if this woman was Basque and one of her sons was killed by ETA because of the circumstances? It didn’t leave my mind, that’s how the formation of this work began,” Mariano Laurente told the newspaper about its birth. our deadThe work, which premiered on January 18 Fourth wall room.

Source: El Diario





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