The COP draft weakens and calls for the “reduction” of oil, gas and coal

The latest draft resolution prepared by Climate Summit President Sultan Al Jaber chose to soften the mention of the end of fossil fuels almost as much as possible, although he did not mention the now famous term. unrelenting, unrelieved. The phrase says that countries are asked to “reduce both fossil fuel consumption and production in energy systems.”

It doesn’t talk about abandoning or phasing out, but talking about keeping the process “at a steady pace to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 or thereabouts, according to science.” Of course, the text must be negotiated Sprint Delegations included broad support for carbon capture and storage technologies (CCS), which justify the use of oil, gas or coal if the CO2 they emit is trapped, and on which the term saddened).

Thus, the project talks about “accelerating low- or zero-emissions technologies such as renewables and mitigation and removal technologies, including capture, use and storage.” In addition, it puts “renewable and nuclear energy” in the text on the same level as zero-emission technologies.

This part is one of the most innovative compared to the initial projects. “This opens the door to false decisions. It mentions formulas that will not help us in the face of the climate emergency. It caters to the interests of blockading countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United States itself. “This represents a substantial reduction from the versions we knew before.” That’s the quick assessment of Ecologistas en Acción’s Climate Change Officer, Javier Andaluz.

However, this version is a draft that has been sent to all parties to study before meeting with the chairman of the summit and weighing whether a final agreement is more or less close.

Source: El Diario





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