Study chat members with sexist messages about female students will not be sanctioned: ‘They are all very whores’

The University of La Rioja (UR) has agreed to archive the actions, which began on September 18, regarding the derogatory messages and comments that students enrolled in elementary education sent to a WhatsApp group about their new classmates. “They’re all very whores lately” and “we should rip their panties” were some of the sexist comments from the WhatsApp group. in La Rioja according to Cadena SER.

according to tion from Rioja2After the publication of this information, the UR started a preliminary action procedure, the responsibility of which was assigned to the instructor, who was advised by a commission appointed for this purpose by the Rector.

After reviewing the documentation and testimony collected, the instruction concludes that the facts are beyond the university’s sanctioning authority under the state university coexistence law and its translation into UR’s disciplinary statute. to limit the disciplinary authority of the University to the extent of the activities carried out in the facilities, systems and spaces of the University.

The investigation concluded that, although it was possible to determine the identity of one of the participants (who voluntarily admitted to commenting in the said chat) and his academic relationship with UR, it was not possible to use the university’s disciplinary authority. On the one hand, due to the fact that the said comments were made outside the activities of the University, its facilities and facilities outside it; On the other hand, because the comments were posted in a private chat.

Source: El Diario





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