December’s long weekend will leave cloudy skies, rain and rising temperatures from Thursday

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has forecast several holidays this long weekend with a slight rise in temperatures and widespread rain, especially on Thursday and Friday. However, this Tuesday, temperatures will drop across most of the country, except for the south-eastern third of the peninsula and the Canary Islands, where a rise prevails. You can consult with everyone Updated weather information here.

In addition, light frosts are expected this Tuesday in large inland areas of the northern half of the peninsula, the southern plateau and north-east of Baetica, more intense in the mountains and heavy in the Pyrenees. Snow levels will be around 800/1200m in the Cantabrian Highlands and Pyrenees with significant accumulation at higher levels, and above 1200m in the central system.

On the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, the situation is expected to stabilize, and high pressure will prevail. Nevertheless, a cloudy environment with showers is expected in the eastern Cantabrian Sea, the Pyrenees, northeastern Catalonia and the northern Balearic Islands, sometimes accompanied by storms in the Balearic environment, which will decrease throughout the day.

For the rest of the peninsula, intervals of low morning cloud are expected in inland areas, more abundant in the southern third, and with a trend of increasing cloudiness from southwest to northeast with mostly cloudy skies throughout the day.

Chance of precipitation later in the day in the southwestern quadrant of the peninsula, excluding isolated areas in other parts of the southwestern half. Cloudy skies with low cloud intervals are expected in the Canary Islands.

Wednesday 6 December

Wednesday is expected to be generally cloudy, with light precipitation reducing in the southeastern third, except for light rain in western Andalusia, except in the Straits where it will be more intense. Cloudy weather is expected in the Levant as well, with rain to the north of the Balearic Islands. An Atlantic front will move in from the northwest, leaving intervals of high cloud and later cloudy or overcast skies, which will affect the rest of the peninsula. Locally heavy rainfall is expected at the end of the day in northwest Castile and León, Asturias and Galicia. This will be the general state of the sky for this holiday:

Maximum temperatures will increase, except for a slight decrease in the Mediterranean areas and west of the Canary Islands. Minimum temperatures will also increase in the southern half, the extreme northeast and the Canary Islands, while the rest will decrease.

Thursday 7 December

On Thursday, a frontal system is expected to cover the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, leaving cloudy or overcast skies and practically widespread precipitation moving from the northwest to the southeast, although they are unlikely and will be of a weak and scattered nature in the Mediterranean. territories and the Levant and will reach the extreme southeast or the Balearic Islands without waiting. They will be more abundant west of the central system and in Galicia, where they may be persistent and locally strong, according to AEMET. The general state of the sky will be as follows:

As for temperatures, they will increase again in a practically general way, especially with a noticeable increase in the minimum in the northwest quadrant and except in the Mediterranean areas, where the minimum will decrease slightly and in the upper Ebro region, where the maximum will decrease. According to the agency, which also specifies that frosts will persist today in the Pyrenees and southern Iberia. You can see the general increase in temperature on the map:

Friday 8 December

Cloudy skies are again expected on Friday, with widespread precipitation over most of the area, accompanied by occasional storms, unlikely in the extreme south-east of the peninsula, which will stop throughout the day. Although Galicia, Cantabria, the Pyrenees and the Balearic Islands are expected to be cloudy and rainy throughout the holiday.

As for the temperature, it will rise again in the Mediterranean areas and depressions in the Northeast, and it will decrease in the rest, more noticeably in the northwestern third. According to the state agency, the frost will remain at a high level on the main mountain systems. You can check the general state of the sky and expected precipitation on this map:

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