The Mad Life of Pete Doherty

No fewer than a dozen books are circulating that explain Pete Doherty’s life, miracles, and disasters. Some focus on the career of The Libertines and others on Babyshambles. They are available in English, French and Italian. There are his personal diaries, a biography of his partner Carl Barratt, and even a book signed by his mother, Jacqueline Doherty. And then, the thousands of articles are split 40/60 between music and sensationalist press. The world didn’t need another Pete Doherty book, but the pandemic and the tenacity of journalist Simon Spence (biographer of Happy Mondays, Stone Roses and Depeche Mode, among others) make his first autobiography a reality.

promising child (Alianza Editorial, translated by Ana Perez Galvan) is not a book written by Pete Doherty. That would be too much. Bored while incarcerated, the singer agreed to interview Spence, and after 60 hours of conversation and some further organization of the material, a volume is formed that is not of the slightest literary interest—it’s just a well-edited transcription of those conversations—but which, on the contrary, provides something that no other book can offer. On Pete Doherty: What He Did and Undid. Until now we only knew the facts. Now we can discover what was going on in his crazy head on the hundreds and hundreds of occasions when he finally messed up.

Source: El Diario





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