Paco Rocca turns to journalism to paint the history of the mass graves of Franco’s repression

Paco Rocca (Valencia, 1969) does not need much introduction: after publication wrinkles (2007), the work that won him the National Comics Award, became the best-selling Spanish graphic novel, always with the help of Astiberri. Each issue is treated as an event because it generates anticipation that usually matches the quality of its comics. Dedicated mainly to the great theme of memory, which is reflected in such works as grooves of randomness (2013), main (2015) or Return to Eden (2020), St The abyss of oblivion (on sale December 5) joins forces with El Mundo journalist Rodrigo Terraza (Valencia, 1978) to address the mass graves of victims of Franco’s repression and the struggle of their relatives to exhume the bodies and give them a dignified burial. . Along the way, they both discover amazing stories and delve into the shadows of a part of our history we’d rather forget.

It all started when, in 2009, during the Legislative Parliament of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Terrasa questioned Pepica Selda, the last person to receive a subsidy for an exhumation under the Law of Historical Memory. “The government was already functioning, because the elections were called and Mariano Rajoy had already announced that in case of victory, there would not be one euro left for historical memory,” says Terrasa in an interview given to this newspaper by both authors: everything was very clear to him and he knew in which grave his father was buried at the Paterna cemetery,” the journalist continues. “Finally, he gets the permits, he gets a team of archaeologists, he opens that grave, and there are 12 bodies, with 12 apothecary bottles, inside of which are some papers that, in some cases, have the names of some of the shots. It still reads.. “It was a surprise, an unexpected message.” Rodrigo Terrasa came up with the idea that there was a good story in these events that deserved to be told by Paco Rocca, with whom he was friends. “I could see very clearly that it had a lot of elements to be a good Paco comic,” he says: “Really, what I wanted was to do it alone. But in the end we decided to do it together.”

Source: El Diario





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