BBTrickz, the rapper who rose to fame overnight by being “the coolest and the baddest”

An aura of mystery surrounds BBTrickz and everything he does. Her real name is Belize Kaz and this 23-year-old artist broke into the music industry in April of this year. He started uploading parts of his song cotton, with dancing and laughing videos on his TikTok account. They went viral within days. His poems are obvious, most of them are jokes, “fun”, he says in this newspaper. When he released his first EP, Trickstarattracted attention influencers, artists and media. Everyone wondered who he was and where he came from. Not since artists like Bud Gyal or Rosalia have left the city’s music scene has raised so much expectations for a woman. Now he removed it SadTrickzIts second episode, with a sadder and more introspective tone.

“I’m the baddest in Spain / I go down to the club and skip the line / Messing with me is a suicide mission,” raps Kazi mission suicide One of her most viral songs, for which she released a music video dressed in a school uniform, talking about how, despite her good looks, she is “bad”. “I’m the coolest, the baddest, and I’m very hot,” he tells Provocative, spontaneous or carefree are adjectives that define BBTrickz’s music. Many of his poems have phrases in English. His mother is Canadian and his father is Catalan, but he lived in Barcelona all his life.

Source: El Diario





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