New Equality Minister Anna Redondo backs ‘yes means yes’ law: “It’s a good law and it protects women”.

The new minister of equality, Anna Redondo, assured this Friday that the organic law of the comprehensive guarantee of sexual freedom, known as the so-called The law is only yes is yes It is a “good law”, a “guarantee” and one that “protects women”. He did so in one of his first interventions as the head of the portfolio he took up last Tuesday, following a meeting in Pamplona with the rest of the EU member states’ equality chiefs. Doors of 25N, International Day for the Elimination of Gender-Based Violence.

Redondo emphasized that the law is “a good law” because “it focuses on consent and tells women, ‘You’re safe, only yes means yes.’ The minister argued that the text, promoted by Irene Montero’s Ministry of Equality, “had to be retouched because the legislative technique is sometimes disturbing” referring to the reform that the PSOE carried out with the support of Cortes. The PP and the vote against Unidas Podemos, ERC and EH Bildu to replace the criminal part after months of political attrition over the reduction of sentences and the release of sex offenders.

The new head of equality recalled that the norm was a political and legislative translation of the feminist response that swept through Spain after the first sentence of “La Manada”, which convicted five men of sexual violence, not assault. It was later corrected by the Supreme Court.

“This is a law from the bottom up, which arose because of a dramatic and absolutely reprehensible event in the street, but which caused a wave of feminist indignation in all parts of Spain, which arose with the law,” the minister said earlier. journalists.

Redondo called the rule a “guarantee” and noted that “it protects women,” so now “what we have to do is implement it and know that we need even more resources and efforts to make the legislation reach everyone.” “. Among other things, the law requires the creation of a 24-hour comprehensive care center for victims of sexual violence in each province, which is expected to take another year, as only four of the 52 currently operate. Amnesty International reports.

The minister also wanted to focus on the fact that, although “there is still a lot to be done”, in Spain “we have the elements” and “good legislation” that “promised” will continue to be implemented “but that” the judges have to apply, they have no margin maneuver”. “This is obvious in the rule of law, judges interpret the norm, but apply it. “They are subject to the rule of law,” he said, “in order to convey the message of guarantee to women.”

Source: El Diario

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