“The Teacher Who Promised the Sea”, a film about a republican killed by Franco and abolished PP

In 1934, the Catalan teacher Antoni Benaiges was assigned to a school in Banuelos de Bureba, in the city of Burgos, where he arrived with an overwhelming and contagious enthusiasm. With a modern vision of education, Benaiges included in his classes an a priori strange element for children, printing. With this, he and the students made dozens of booklets on the topics they talked about. notebooks with which he achieved the engagement of students, but also with which he left a mark on his pedagogical work.

One of the books was about the sea. Benaiges was surprised that most of his students had not seen it and encouraged them to make a publication that was printed in his class under the title. God. The vision of children who have never seen it. There, the girls and boys in the class wrote how they imagined the sea that they did not know. In return, their teacher promised them that in the summer of 1936 he would take them to his home in Mont-Roig del Camp, Tarragona, to meet him.

Source: El Diario





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