Ultra Miley vs. Taylor Swift (and the Swifts vs. Miley) in Buenos Aires

American singer Taylor Swift has been named the guest of honor in the city of Buenos Aires this Thursday, where she will offer three concerts next week as part of her latest tour, known as the “Eras Tour”.

The proposal to give Swift this recognition was presented by the Argentine capital’s socialist legislature and approved despite rejection by the La Libertad Avanza (far-right) bloc, led by economist Javier Mille, a South American presidential candidate. .

The conflict between libertarians and “Swifties” (the name by which the artist’s staunchest followers are known) is not new.

A week ago, a group of Argentine “swifts” asked not to vote in Miley’s Nov. 19 runoff against the ruling party’s Sergio Massa, comparing the controversial Casa Rosada occupation candidate to former United States President Donald Trump. 2017-2021).

Taylor Swift’s ‘fans’ aren’t the only community of followers who have spoken out against Miley; So did some loyalists of the Korean pop group BTS, who challenged the vice presidential candidate who is running alongside him, lawyer Victoria Villaruel.

The capital city of Buenos Aires will award the singer with a medal and diploma for being an “honest artist, referee and musical leader with a strong commitment to social and political causes such as feminism”.

This recognition has already been achieved by other artists such as musician Roger Waters and actors Liza Minnelli and Tom Cruise.

Swift is one of the most popular singers in the world, and her concerts bring in millions of dollars wherever she goes, to the point that she coined the neologism “swiftonomics” to try to explain all aspects of this phenomenon, which goes much further. Artistic.

The American will play in the most monumental stadium in Buenos Aires, the home ground of River Plate Football Club, on three consecutive dates: November 9, 10 and 11.

Tickets for all three concerts sold out within hours, and some Swift fans camped outside the stadium for about five months to get a front-row seat at the monument.

“Eras Tour” will only go through three Latin American countries: Mexico, where it was released in August; Argentina and Brazil, where he will perform six concerts in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Source: El Diario





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