A film school that was a haven of freedom where directors like Saura and Berlanga challenged the Franco regime

What do Carlos Saura, Basilio Martin Patino and Luis García Berlanga have in common? A priori, and although they have completely different aesthetic and visual approaches, they all have certain points of connection in the films. Among them are references to the historical moment in which they lived. Dictatorship entered their stories more or less clearly. Berlanga’s irony from the hands of Azcona, Saura’s radical criticism of the bourgeoisie or Patino’s avant-garde freedom… everything coincided when talking about Franco’s society.

Perhaps this common interest, in addition to experiencing dictatorship, censorship and repression, is related to the fact that they were all trained as filmmakers in the same place, the official school of cinematography that was first created. country and which was born in 1947 as the Institute of Cinematic Research and Experience (IIEC), and from 1962 began the name by which everyone knew.

Source: El Diario





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