Ana Castillo: “If the film does not correspond to my values, I refuse the project”

Naturalness is hard to achieve in cinema. Any phrase sounds fake if it is not spelled correctly or with the right intonation. That is why, when an actor with a complex nature appears on the screen, people who see him are amazed. This is the case of Ana Castillo. After the Arrow Boleyn discovered it olive, He showed something magical on the screen that made him a magnet. His face, the way he expresses himself… is a black hole into which all eyes will fall. It is impossible not to believe what Ana Castillo says.

Perhaps that is why he worked on projects that decide what he saw himself. Projects that flirt more mainstream And in which he plays to show that he can do anything. Always maintains the essence of this arrogance. In one year, Ana Castillo moved from the radical India of Jaime Rosales Wild sunflower Based on a romantic comedy bestseller with Perfect story and now Thriller to save nowhere Albert Pinto’s movie that was just released by Netflix and where he literally appears in every frame.

Source: El Diario





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