The new punishment threatens to exhume the victims of Franco’s regime

After years of litigation and waiting, the exhumation of the remains of victims of the Franco regime buried in Cuelgamuros is still awaiting a court decision. Three and a half months after the start of the forensic work, the Madrid court decided to revoke the construction license granted by the San Lorenzo de el Escorial city council, opening the door to paralyzing the process again. Sources in the case explain to that at least one of the applicants, the same one who has already managed to freeze the license as a preventive measure for months, intends to request a stoppage of work and exhumation work, however the decision is. Not final.. The State Prosecutor’s Office will appeal.

The lawsuit was launched by several resources, including the Franco Foundation and the Association for Reconciliation and Historical Truth, and was triggered by a preventive decision by the Court of Appeals Number 10 of Madrid, which revoked the license in November 2021. A preventive stay that was not lifted by the Supreme Court of Justice until June of the following year, and which was not firmly ratified by the Supreme Court until March of last year.

Source: El Diario





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