Almudena Grandes takes the stage in a big production about the gray Spain of the 50s

The first big premiere of the season has arrived National Drama Center. And he did it in a big way like before. The Great Author: Beloved and Lost Almudena Grandes; Great Director: Veteran Carme Portcelli; And two great actors: Blanca Portillo and Pablo Derk. And in the middle of the ring is a deep text about the past and national identity, about the memory and condition of women in Spain, about the 50s and about the moral deterioration of citizens under Franco. Go on stage Frankenstein’s mother, The fifth novel Endless War episodes A writer from Madrid.

Madrid, 1954. A young psychiatrist German (Pablo Derk) returns from Switzerland, where he emigrated so he could practice the same profession as his father, a Republican death row inmate who takes his own life before being shot. Come back to start rehearsals chlorpromazine, A new antipsychotic drug at the Ciempozuelos women’s shelter. There he meets his father’s former patient, Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira (Blanca Portillo), a real and famous person in her time, the murderer of her daughter, whom he killed with four shots to the head. The play takes place in that mental hospital, a sacred metaphor for the whole country, a gray and degraded nation, both classist and oppressive, suffocating and unjust.

Source: El Diario





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