The “mythological arsenal” of fascist propaganda is preserved in “sociological Francoism” and the nostalgic memory of the dictatorship.

There are those who “felt very comfortable under the absolute memory of Francoism.” That’s why “a very clear trend against recovery is emerging in every community that has experienced these violent episodes” at the hands of “right-wing journalists and propagandists who are counter-programming the story.” And from there, in Spain, “the political use of Franco’s dictatorship erupted in force with Vox.”

The analysis is by Julian Casanova, professor of modern history at the University of Zaragoza, at the AsHisCom 2023 congress of the Association of Communication Historians in Lisbon, Portugal. Propaganda was responsible for creating the “mythological arsenal” that emerged after the Civil War. A conquest that endures in “sociological Francoism,” notes historian Concha Langa of the University of Seville. The continuity of the revisionist narrative sneaks through the cracks of the transition period, linked to the “social weight” of nearly “40 years” of dictatorship, and reveals that “Francoism is very much alive,” Casanova argues.

Source: El Diario





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