Alexia Putelas calls for ‘structural change’ in women’s football: ‘They didn’t treat us like elite athletes’

Football player Alexia Putelas appeared in front of several media outlets today to better explain the reasons behind Spain’s #It’sAcabó. The world champion criticized them for not being treated “like elite athletes” and called for “zero tolerance for what people have seen”. According to Cadena SER.

“They forced us to travel by bus for six or seven hours, and the opponent comfortably went by plane. “We had to get up at three o’clock in the morning to catch a plane, and that’s not the time for elite athletes,” he explained. He called for “structural changes”: “For decades, women’s football has not been on the priority list.”

Putelas also sends a message to people who don’t understand what the players are asking for: “I think everything is clear. Zero tolerance for what everyone has seen. “Zero tolerance for things that haven’t been seen because they weren’t live and can’t be talked about because there’s an open trial.”

The player of “Barca” explained that this situation did not reach only because of what happened on the day of the World Final, when Luis Rubiales kissed Jennifer Hermoso without consent, but also because of what happened “in the following days and the gathering. There it was like “it’s over, it can’t be”.

As for the latest changes at the RFEF, Putelas said he feels more at ease: “I think the groundwork was laid and there was an attempt to find a solution.”

Source: El Diario





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