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Toledo Mayor Regulates Religious Act With Blas Pinar, Says Controversy Is ‘Sterile’

The mayor of Toledo, Carlos Velazquez, called the action taken by far-right Blas Pinar last week at a religious ceremony in the capital of Castile-La Mancha a “sterile confrontation”. The son of the founder of Fuerza Nueva donned his red military collar to Our Lady of Joy during an event at the Toledo Church in San Andres. In the presence of PP and Vox advisersIn which the high priest described the image of the Virgin Mary as “very general”.

When asked by the media, Velázquez downplayed the significance of the event and considered that the archbishop of Toledo was “very correct” in the statement in which he expresses his position after the controversy arising from this event organized by the Brotherhood of Our Lady. A joy in which he rejects his “any party political questions.”

“Anyone who wants to look for political issues in an activity that has traditionally been celebrated and chronicled for many years should know that this is a completely normal activity in the City of Toledo Brothers.” Trying to talk about what you don’t want to talk about,” the mayor said when asked by the media, Europa Press reported.

Action against amnesty is “more important” for him.

The celebration caused discomfort on the part of the Catholic community of Toledo, who said in a statement that they were “shocked and deeply affected by the act of outrage” because in their opinion “the presentation of the collar of a retired general to the Virgin Mary by an individual whose political positions are associated with extremism and undemocratic discourse raises serious questions.” About democratic values ​​and tolerance in our society.

However, the mayor, as he said, believes that “the big demonstration that will take place in Madrid this week” is “very important”, regarding the measure called by the PP against the amnesty, which has not been implemented and despite. that the leader of his party, Alberto Núñez Feijo, will present himself as president of the government for investment next week. At this meeting, according to Velasquez, there will be “all the democrats and those of us who defend the Constitution.”

“I want these people who are trying to inflame sterile controversy and trying to politicize actions of a simple religious nature to speak publicly about what they are going to do because of the amnesty. Is it good for them to amnesty and pardon the punishment of some of the people who staged a coup d’état and who tried to stop Spain from being what it is today,” said Velázquez.

PSOE: A sample of “current extremism”.

On the other hand, the spokesperson of the municipal socialist group, Noelia de la Cruz, believes that the religious act It is a “current pattern of extremism that is not representative of the majority of Toledo residents.”.

The spokesperson of the Socialists noted that this action was carried out by a person sanctioned for unconstitutional actions, referring to what is considered the so-called As one of the eight promoters of the Manifesto of 100. It contained harsh accusations against the press and expressions of sympathy for the perpetrators of the 23-F coup.

Thus, the councilor believes that municipal representatives should not attend these types of calls, as well as PP and Vox councilors, as well as military and police authorities, where the parish priest declared Our Lady of Joy “Generalissima”.

Source: El Diario





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