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The government asks the federation to release those players who do not want to travel with the national team

The government intends to mediate between the players of the Spanish football team and the federation. After the first informal contact this morning, the president of the Supreme Sports Council (CSD), Victor Francois, is going to meet with those selected to attend the call in Oliva (Valencia) at 8 pm, according to CSD sources. If Francois cannot reach a close agreement, the government will ask the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the team’s new coach, Montse Tome, to release players who do not want to be in the squad, according to CSD sources.

“They were bad. I have seen sadness, regret and fatigue; No resentment or bad manners. Some players told me that he is not mentally well. They are tired,” Francos assessed the first conversation with the players. Kud recalls that although attendance at the national team is mandatory by law, you don’t have to look far to find precedents asking you not to go and listen. The latest and most recent case is tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, currently the best Spanish player (at least by ranking), who withdrew from the Davis Cup, which Spain played last weekend.

Although they sent a statement yesterday reiterating their refusal to be summoned by the RFEF, six of them – who live in Madrid – turned up this morning at a hotel in the capital where they had been summoned. The rest will have to go to Oliva (Valencia) this afternoon, where they are scheduled to meet the rest of the companions. FC Barcelona women’s players, the main part of the team, traveled to Valencia, Barcelona.

Kud has modulated his speech or at least the way he communicates since yesterday. After learning about the call-up of a large number of world champions, even though they left the national team, Francos spoke at night Spar, where he warned that the government would enforce the law against the players. A regulation that imposes an obligation to respond to sampling calls and that includes sanctions without a license for up to five years.

Burofax and “Fun Country”

Franco regretted that Spain had “made a fool of itself as a country” yesterday when the coach called up several players for next Friday’s game without prior agreement, prompting the players to issue a statement. At night, he repeated his decision not to attend the call.

The top sports official appreciated the demands of the players and the role played by the RFEF. The federation cannot continue to harass and intimidate players. Because I know they are afraid to say it, if necessary I will be the one to say what their conversations and communications convey. They don’t finish saying everything because they are afraid of what might happen. Held.

Francos also spoke about the movements of the RFEF, which took Oliva’s call in an impromptu manner. “Yesterday he was in Las Rosas, and today he was in Valencia.” It’s a bit strange. “To think that the women’s team should go to Valencia because there will not be a calm environment in the football city is unacceptable,” he said. Francos also assured that if the federation does not take the appropriate decisions in the coming days, in response to the structural changes demanded by the players, “he will receive a burrofax from the government, which will immediately demand elections”.

Source: El Diario





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