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Jenny Hermoso responds to Montse Tome after not being called to “protect” her: “From what or who?”

Footballer Jennifer Hermoso has reacted to her decision not to be called up for Spain’s next match to defend herself, which was defended by new coach Montse Thome. “There was an attempt to argue that the environment would be safe for my colleagues when they announced at the same press conference that I was not called in to defend myself. What did you protect me from? Or from whom?” he asked in a statement released late Monday.

Hermoso said they have been looking for “months” for protection “that they have not found in the federation itself” and criticized that the same people who are asking for “trust” are the ones “making the list”. With players who have asked not to be called. ” “We players understand very clearly that this is another strategy of division and manipulation to intimidate us and threaten us with legal consequences and economic sanctions. Another indisputable proof that shows that nothing has changed today,” he said in his statement, in which he declared “total support” for his colleagues.

The list includes several women who competed and won in Australia and some of the 15 who initially rebelled against previous coach Jorge Wilda and did not go to the World Cup. This Friday, the players signed a new letter calling for “strong changes” and to keep their departure from the national team. Several media outlets have reported that the RFEF has informed the players that the people in charge they named in a statement last Friday will leave in less than a month. However, as the footballers state in a new text circulating on the networks, “nothing regarding the above has been sent to any member of the RFEF”.

When directly asked if an agreement was reached with the players, Tome avoided giving a forceful answer: “I believe that the players are professionals, they are world champions, they love their profession, it is a privilege to be in the national team and I know they will be with us tomorrow. At the end of the press conference, he also assured that no player had asked to call him.

The Sports Law considers failure to attend national team call-ups a “very serious” violation and is punishable by a fine of 3,000 to 30,000 euros, a possible license suspension of two to fifteen years, and a ban on access to stadiums. The term is not more than five years.

Source: El Diario





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