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Bojones will pay tribute to the midfielder of the Spanish football team, Claudia Zornoza

Bojones, a small town belonging to the municipality of Atienza (Guadalajara), is already working to honor the midfielder of the women’s soccer team, Claudia Zornoza Sánchez, who was declared world champion in Australia-New Zealand. His father in this city, where his family has a home and where he spent many vacation seasons when he was young.

The mayor, Carlos Hernando, wants the event to be held on a weekend or holiday so that the municipality can have more people in the Sierra Norte, although they will have to look at the schedule of the veteran midfielder, since he plays the most games. Saturday or Sunday.

“He looks good, but we have to wait and see what kind of day he can have,” he told Europa Press.

The idea is to hold a simple tribute action in the town hall, in which the city of Atienza should also participate, and with the help of the cultural association, all the neighbors should be involved.

They are also considering putting the player’s name on the city street where the family owns a house, a proposal that they want to consult with neighbors first, only for six years, but on weekends, long weekends and summer they can. will reach a hundred inhabitants.

Carlos Hernando is older than Claudia, but as she noted when they were younger, they sometimes shared a game and “already when I was little, I had a level and dribbling that you don’t see,” she said. However, it was emphasized that at that time she was the only girl who played and participated in football championships, in some cases her performance was decisive in the victory.

This mayor also wanted to have a soccer field in the city, because now the children on weekends have to play on the grass or in the streets.

Claudia, 32 years old, Spanish first division player for Real Madrid, was born in Madrid on October 20, 1990. Just a few days ago, he himself announced through social networks that he will not focus on his own team again.

A message in which he took the opportunity to request changes in the structure related to the Spanish national team, which has not yet been decided.

Source: El Diario





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