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The federation promises “renewal” and asks the World Cup winners to join the “change”.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) issued a statement In which he reiterates his “public commitment” to the need to make “structural changes” at the organization following the crisis sparked by the sexist behavior of its former president, Luis Rubiales, following the World Cup final.

The organization, led by interim chairman Pedro Rocha, is thus asking the players to join the movement of change launched by the “new management” with less than two hours left for the new coach to announce the next players called up. matches.. None of the 39 professionals have announced that they are refusing to participate.

“Players are encouraged to join this change led by the federation,” the statement said, adding that “the transformations that must continue must be robust and fair.” The RFEF does not specify in the document what these specific changes are or when they will be implemented.

The announcement also comes in response to a letter signed by 39 players in which they specify five changes they consider important to the structure of Spain’s football organization. It already speaks of “a new phase of the federation demanded by both football and society”, but does not address the five specific demands.

However, there is no mention that the specific demands of the players are met and they promise to guarantee a “safe environment for the players”, as the internationals requested in their letter, “and we are committed to a climate of mutual trust. That we can work together and women’s football can continue to progress with much more strength.”

The RFEF ends the document by urging the players to “start shining the star that the internationals have worked so hard to achieve”, although it is not yet known whether it was enough to change the minds of the players.

The request of the players

The 39 women footballers who made their demands public on September 15 called for “zero tolerance” of those within the federation who “have, encouraged, concealed or applauded the dignity of women”. Their request came shortly before the new coach, Montse Thome, was due to present the squad list, an event which was cancelled.

On the same day, the Federation announced that Rocha was assigned to lead the changes in the institution and made A Call for “Dialogue and Cooperation” Which he described as “a particularly atypical scenario like the one he experienced with the Spanish national team”. The organization reaffirmed its commitment to the world champions, “for whom it feels immense pride.”

The demands of the players range from the restructuring of the women’s football organizational chart and the restructuring of the presidency and general secretary’s cabinet, the resignation of the RFEF president, a new structure for the communication and marketing area, as well as integrity. direction..

General Secretary is headed by Andreu Kamps. As reported this Monday by El ConfidencialKemps refused to print players’ names on the jerseys – when he did it with the men’s team – claiming it was “a big expense” and he was later one of the interlocutors in negotiations with the players. Until Rubiales rejected it.

The players have argued that the changes under Rocha are not enough and their aim is to ensure that “players feel safe in a place where women are respected and there is a commitment to women’s football”. And where we can perform at our best.”

Source: El Diario





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