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Aemet warns of the arrival of DANA to affect the south-east of the peninsula this week

The week of contrasts begins this Wednesday with the possible arrival of DANA in the southeast of the peninsula, coinciding with a cold storm that will enter Galicia the next day. The forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) warns of severe storms in some parts of the peninsula, while in others the weather will stabilize after the weekend storm.

The forecast for the last week of summer leaves nuances for each part of the peninsula. While some will see heavy rain and storms, others will experience mild weather. As for the temperature, the Mediterranean coast will have an almost summer atmosphere, the interior of the country will feel like an autumn view.

All due to the likely arrival of DANA, according to Aemet’s forecast, which could leave significant rainfall in the southeastern half of the peninsula beginning this Tuesday.

Aemet’s warning indicates “precipitation of some magnitude” on both Wednesday and Thursday morning and will affect the south-east of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. The arrival of this front will coincide with the arrival of the storm, which will affect the northern third and will leave the most important precipitation in western Galicia.

Aemet claims that precipitation is unlikely for both the peninsula and the Balearic Islands until the end of the week, although it does not completely rule out the northern third. As for the wind, it will be light or moderate, with a predominance of an easterly component in the Mediterranean, and south and west in the Atlantic.

A “moderate” trade wind is expected in the Canary Islands, with intervals of cloud to the north of the islands, although the forecast does not rule out precipitation, which will be more in the mountainous islands. There will be little change in temperature.

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