Getafe have signed Mason Greenwood, the British striker who was investigated for assaulting his girlfriend.

Getafe, who compete in Spain’s first division, have signed one of English football’s most promising stars, Mason Greenwood, who has been banned from competition and training for 18 months after being accused of attempted rape and assaulting a couple. Although the charges were dropped and the English authorities closed the investigation against him, his possible return to football in the UK has been surrounded by controversy.

Those in charge at English Manchester United spent six months discussing all possible options for Greenwood’s future. Once he has returned to the competition with the first team until the end of his contract is negotiated (currently until 2025), transfer to another team and then return to the ranks. Red DevilsOr try to sell it permanently.

In the end, the Old Trafford club chose to go abroad to Spanish LaLiga side EA Sports, which has been mired in controversy for two weeks over the sexist and obscene behavior of the federation’s president, Luis Rubiales, who has already been suspended by FIFA. For kissing a player of the national team without consent.

The management of Greenwood, who is leaving just hours before the UK transfer window closes, has left Manchester United in trouble. The club has come under heavy criticism for its handling of the case and for suggesting in the final part of its deliberations that it would consult with the women’s team about the convenience of the player’s return, according to the BBC, when three of its players. Immerse yourself in the soccer world cup.

Allegations against Greenwood

The 21-year-old United striker was accused of sexist abuse by his partner Harriet Robson. This happened in January 2022. Robson posted videos and photos on social networks showing bruises on her legs, a broken lip, and a bloody neck. “Who really wants to know what Mason Greenwood is up to,” Robson’s Instagram post read.

Despite the fact that he took these pictures, the British police saw them as evidence of a possible assault and decided to investigate Greenwood, who was arrested for the rape and assault of his girlfriend. In October last year, they were formally charged with attempted rape, assault and attempting to control the victim’s behavior.

Manchester United have already suspended Greenwood for 18 months, in which he could neither compete nor train at the English club’s facilities. But in February of this year, British prosecutors dropped the player’s charges because of “the withdrawal of key witnesses and the emergence of new evidence, which meant it would be impossible to convict him” of the original charges.

Six months review

The closure of the legal case against Greenwood prompted a public relations challenge from Manchester United, who launched their own investigation into the player and spoke to both him and the victim’s family. last day 21 The president of the club, Richard Arnold, wrote a letter to the supporters In which he claims that Greenwood’s departure “was one of the possibilities that we considered and were prepared for.” Arnold added that his position on the issue “evolved as the process progressed.”

“All parties recognize the difficulty of resuming his career at Manchester United,” the statement said. “That’s why we’ve collectively decided it’s best to do it away from Old Trafford,” meaning the first team’s home ground. The text also concludes that after analyzing the available evidence, “Greenwood did not commit the crimes for which he was originally charged.”

However, the letter explains whether the option of Greenwood’s return to the first team was abandoned because it was in the player’s best interests or because of the criticism the club has received during this crisis. One of them arrived Gary Neville, former England defender. Neville told Sky Sports that “it was clear from day one that I wasn’t going to play for United again.

The former England international described the process as “terrible” before Greenwood’s departure was confirmed. “When you have such difficult situations, you need strong leadership. And it depends on the above,” Neville said, referring to the club’s presidency. “And Manchester United don’t have that.”

Consult the women’s team

Two weeks ago, as pressure mounted on the club to clarify whether Greenwood would return to United, the BBC reported that the president wanted to consult with the female players on whether the player should return. The announcement drew criticism as several of these players were caught up in the heat of competition for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

We demand that the club has zero tolerance for gender-based violence and rejects the return of Mason Greenwood. United fan club statement against his return. “It tells us that only the men who make money for the club matter, not us, not the rest of the fans, not their mothers, not their sisters, not their daughters.”

Former England international Karen Carney also accused Manchester United of “pretty pathetic” handling of the situation, in an interview with the BBC: “As an institution, as a football club and for everything it stands for”.

Source: El Diario





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