Men’s coach not resigning, but apologizes for applause for Rubiales: “These are unjustified facts”

Spain men’s national team coach Luis de la Fuente will not resign and will remain in office, despite welcoming the intervention of Luis Rubiales at a recent meeting of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. The coach has apologized for the gesture and is asking to be sacked only because of the result and not because of “human error”. In a press conference on the selection call, he assured that what he experienced at the meeting of the highest body of Spanish football is “unjustifiable facts”.

“I received harsh criticism. They are fully deserved, I’m sorry, I understand and apologize to them,” he said. “It is clear that I am always on the side of inequality, I must improve and we must continue to work, we have improved and we will continue to do so, we must all improve,” he defended and did not explain why he applauded. Rubiales’ words on “false feminism.” “When I saw how he acted a few hours later… I wouldn’t do the same thing today,” he insisted.

When asked about the applause for Rubiales’ criticism of feminism, the Spanish coach defended that “I have already censored the position of the actions that took place”, noting that the words were found in the censorship. “I should not resign, I should apologize. This is an inexcusable human error. Now I won’t do it again, I’m on the side of equality and respect,” he insisted.

Thus, de la Fuente held his first press conference after applauding Rubiales’ speech at the last RFEF assembly a week ago. Hours after Rubiales was suspended by FIFA, de la Fuente released a statement condemning the actions of the organization’s president.

This performance left De La Fuente as the future of both the men’s national soccer team and the Wilda women’s. However, Acting President Pedro Rocha ratified de la Fuente’s position in recent days.

The coach attributed the applause to the fact that he attended the assembly and expected a “resignation” from Rubiales. “I was convinced, like the rest, that this was an act of protocol for the president’s farewell,” he said. “It was a different situation that I wasn’t prepared for,” he explained.

In the statement, de la Fuente criticized Rubiales’ performance but did not name Jenny Hermoso, the player who received a non-consensual kiss from Rubiales during the World Cup victory celebration. “We all remember what happened. Neither Jenny nor the rest of her teammates are responsible for what happened there. “- he noted, in this case, yes, he was appointed as a forward.

De la Fuente defended that he does not feel betrayed by the RFEF president, who is now suspended. “I didn’t feel betrayed, but we all went there thinking it was a farewell act and were shocked to see it wasn’t,” he said. He attributed the delay in responding to the statement to the fact that “I don’t have the literary resources that you journalists have.” “I have never experienced a situation of such emotional stress,” he assured. “I lost it, the situation overwhelmed me,” he claimed.

The coach raised his tone on various questions about whether he should resign or not. “I want to be questioned about the results, that’s what I’m keeping calm. “I don’t feel comfortable because the values ​​and principles that I have implemented are being questioned,” he said.

Source: El Diario





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