Isetta: “Any discrimination against women and any obstacles in sports are over”

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Mikel Isetta, assured that the case of Luis Rubiales is a paradigm of the change of the era in relation to the treatment that many women suffer in different fields and, in particular, in sports. “Any discrimination against women and any obstacles in sports is over, over. “Unfortunately, it had to happen because of an incident that shouldn’t have happened, but we are currently experiencing a real social and sporting reaction that will definitely make this country an even better country,” he said.

At a press conference after the Council of Ministers, Iseta detailed the steps taken by the government after the president of the federation presented the medals to player Jenni Hermoso on Sunday, August 20, during the presentation of medals to the Spanish world champion footballers. A kiss on the mouth, which the victim said she did not agree to.

“We acted as soon as the mechanisms allowed, scrupulously watching all processes to avoid future challenges and resources. It is important to be fast, but also efficient”, said the minister when asked about the time of public administration.

At the press conference, Isetta was questioned by the successor of Luis Rubiales at the head of the federation, after the suspension imposed by FIFA. Pedro Rocha, one of the closest people to Rubiales and until then the vice president, took the commanding chair for the time being so that the minister did not want to prejudge his actions from now on.

“I like to judge people by their actions and we welcome the first announcements where they talk about deep restructuring. I hope actions follow words,” he said.

Now, the government is waiting for the TAD’s ruling on the admission of disciplinary proceedings against Luis Rubiales for “very serious” violations, specifically the “abuse of authority” kissing and “failure” allegations. Institutional and Sporting Décor” for his behavior in the box when he made genital gestures next to royals Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofia.

The executive has avoided pressing the Court of Arbitration for Sport for a timeline for action, arguing that it was not an immediate decision to take well-argued legal and regulatory action. However, government sources admit that the decision would have been surprising if it had not made the case too serious for misconduct.

If this decision materializes, once the TAD confirms that a case has been opened for a very serious misconduct, the next step will be taken by the Supreme Sports Council again and require a preventive suspension of all charges for 48 hours. By Luis Rubiales.

Source: El Diario





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