Jorge Vilda is left alone: ​​the technical team of the women’s football team resigns

Part of the women’s soccer team’s coaching staff resigned this Saturday amid a crisis over Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales’ non-consensual kiss with forward Jenny Hermoso during celebrations. World Cup victory a week ago.

Vilda, who was offered a contract renewal by Rubiales this Friday, is virtually alone in the squad, which does not include any of his players at the moment. The women’s national team has already announced this week that there will be no changes in the board of directors of the federation, and it will no longer compete.

“In view of the unacceptable attitudes and statements made by the top leadership of the RFEF,” the 11 members of the technical team said, “they have taken the decision to make their positions available to them,” he said. A letter posted on Twitter this Saturday by Montse ThomeFormer international footballer and technical assistant of the Absolute Women’s Football Team.

Members of the coaching staff who signed the letter claim that Rubiales offered “a story that in no way reflects what the aforementioned player felt,” referring to Jenny Hermoso, they support the player and clearly condemn the president’s actions. Federation in the final of the World Cup and last week.

In addition, they claim that on the 25th they had to go to the extraordinary assembly, where Rubiales declared that he would not resign. The signatories add that the team’s technicians “were forced to put themselves first, to show their image and try to make the public and the players understand that they share the RFEF president’s thesis”.

Spain’s women’s coach has been in the spotlight over the past year after the 15-man squad announced they would not qualify for the World Cup – with qualifiers still to be played – if they made major management changes.

This decision revealed the tension between the players and Vilda. Although they demanded improvements in the preparation of matches – for example, the presence of a nutritionist who did not reach this World Cup or family reconciliation measures – he responded with a press conference where he accused them of asking for his dismissal, even though the players never made such a request.

The return of most players who retired from the national team, such as Alexia Putelas, Aitana Bonmat or Irene Paredes, only lasted until their historic World Cup victory. Luis Rubiales’ behavior at Sydney Stadium, as well as his refusal to resign after the trophy presentation on the pitch, following complaints against him, has sparked a group of players. Selection that the leadership of the federation will not change.

Source: El Diario





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