The national team players defend Jennifer Hermoso after Rubiales’ speech: “It’s unacceptable. It’s over”

Several of Jennifer Hermoso’s teammates in the Spain team stormed out against Luis Rubiales this Friday, following his speech at the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) assembly. Alexia Putellas, Aitana Bonmatí, Athenea del Castillo, Irene Paredes, Misa Rodríguez, Cata Coll, Ona Batlle, Laia Codina, Mariona Caltendey and Alba Redondo posted messages in the same direction.

“It is unacceptable. It ended. With you, Jennifer Hermoso,” Putelas told Hermoso in a message on Twitter. “Barcelona” player Sergi Roberto replied: “We are with you.” “Everyone saw what happened. You are the victim. I’m with you my friend,” Paredes added in a tweet. Athena del Campo added: “We are with you.” And Bonmati added: “There are limits that cannot be crossed and we cannot accept that. We are with you, comrade.’

At the same time, the first resignations are taking place in the RFEF. The first was Navarre Football Federation President Rafa del Amo, who announced at the same meeting that he was leaving the position of President of the Women’s National Football Committee. Del Amo was the only member of the Spanish federation to demand the resignation of Luis Rubiales during the appointment this Friday in Las Rosas (Madrid): “The glass has crossed,” he said.

In a statement, Navarre’s organization explained that during the aforementioned assembly, Del Amo “revealed, in the previous council of presidents, the reasons why he believes” that Rubiales “should resign as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. After reaching the last World Cup; he is the only one present” , who does it from this point of view”.

The first resignation in the Federation

“The president of the Navarre Football Federation, despite the external criticism that arose during the process, understood that the forum to express his disagreement about the incident was the Royal Spanish Football Federation. For this reason, he refused to hold any public demonstration because of the respect he maintains for his current president and institution, despite his disagreements over the incident,” the statement said.

Del Amo was followed by the officials of the Interisland Federation of Las Palmas who were members of the RFEF Governing Council (that he issued a statement in which he does not reproach Rubiales for anything) and the Cantabrian Federation, who resigned after the “explanations” offered by the RFEF president, reports. terrain.

Boria Iglesias: “I will not return to the team until something changes”

In addition, after Rubiales’ speech, Betis player Borja Iglesias announced his intention to stop playing. Spain national team, while the president of the RFEF remains in office. “I am sad and disappointed. As a player and as a person, I do not feel represented by what happened today in Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas. I’m sad that they continue to press and focus on a colleague,” he said on Twitter.

“To wear the shirt of the Spanish national team is one of the biggest things that has happened in my career. I don’t know if I will be an option again at some point, but I have made the decision not to return to the national team until something changes.But such action does not go unpunished. For fairer, more humane and decent football,” he added.

Similarly, Hector Bellerin showed his rejection of Rubiales. “It is really shameful what is happening. Presenting our country with this vulgarity, misrepresenting the statements of the victim and especially daring to accuse him, turning himself into a victim for committing violence are facts for which no one will go unpunished,” he said. Instagram.

“Football is a social tool for advancement and advancement, machismo should have no place in this system. A narcissist never believes they’ve made a mistake, they can lie, manipulate the truth and make the victim the culprit in order to maintain their power over others,” he concluded.

AFE shows its “discomfort”

The Spanish Footballers’ Association (AFE), the union that Rubiales has led for years, also issued a statement. After describing the former president’s speech as “embarrassing”, the AFE considered that “as a grotesque actor, Luis Rubiales should not continue to be in charge of the RFEF for a moment”.

“AFE trusts that Spanish government to immediately take measures aimed at ensuring that Luis Rubiales immediately ceases to be the President of the RFEF. We find it shameful that you have once again tried to justify your unfortunate attitude by drawing attention to our partner. Jennifer is wonderfulwho was the only and true victim of the despicable episode starring Luis Rubiales after the Women’s World Cup final,” he added.

Immediately afterward, the union regrets that “Jennifer was the one who found herself in a position of weakness in the face of a superior who wanted her beyond belief. Present yourself as a victim According to their definition in the assembly. AFE also believes that after this assembly, “The image of Spanish sportsBoth nationally and internationally, Luis Rubiales is once again seriously damaged by his actions Spain’s candidacy organizing the 2030 World Cup”.

“It is sad to see the image of the institution in the history of RFEF He stretched out with impunity For the despicable actions of Luis Rubiales. For AFE, “Luis Rubiales has not only dirty The biggest success in the history of women’s football in Spain, too I am ashamed To the Spanish community, for being the highest representative of Spanish football in the whole world.

Finally, the connection asks, “Do you really agree with everything this character plays in? Internal democracy In the RFEF?

In another statement, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona showed its “condemnation and rejection of the conduct of the RFEF’s top executive, as well as its explanations and statements today” And it is inappropriate, and as soon as an explanation is heard about them, they will force us to demand the immediate removal of the President or the removal of a part of the agencies authorized for this,” they noted.

The club also wanted to show Hermoso its “full support”. “We deeply regret that these events, which are far from exemplary and professional behavior, could diminish the importance of the historic achievement achieved by the Spanish national team,” they added, before concluding: “We firmly believe that the setting matters. Lead by example through good leadership and foster an atmosphere in which everyone is treated with respect, dignity and equality.”

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