Luis Rubiales does not resign, blames the “disaster of false feminism”

“I am not going to resign. I will not leave my position. I will not leave my position.” Luis Rubiales remains president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

“You are not trying to do justice here, you are committing social murder. They are trying to kill me. There is no desire or position to dominate, although many media outlets that pay homage to the false feminism that plagues this country are selling something else. Kissing is free, mutual, with consent. Rubiales spoke on the fifth day. He blamed everything and everyone and said, denying what was leaked on Thursday, that he is not going.

Rubiales presented his decision to the Federation Assembly, which gave him a standing ovation. He is doing this despite the government warning that if he does not accept it Moto dimensions own They will be taken over by the Supreme Sports Council. Despite a strong statement from the union, which represents Jennifer Hermoso, demanding sanctions against Rubiales and continued pressure from the government. Despite the FIFA sanction and despite the fact that he lost the support of football clubs.

Rubiales gave a scathing speech in which he charged against feminism, the press, everything that moved. He portrayed himself as the victim of a “hunt” against someone who had suffered, he said, “every day for five years.” He maintained that the kiss with Jennifer Hermoso was “consensual and mutual.” He also announced that he would defend himself in court against those who criticize him, including Vice President Yolanda Diaz, Equality Minister Irene Montero or UP Speaker in Congress Pablo Echenique.

“I am ready to be insulted to defend my ideals and truth,” said Rubiales, assuring that he has the support of many. “There are many people who are silent but support me, I would say more than against.”

Rubiales began to explain what had happened. It started with a genital box gesture to celebrate victory in the World Cup final. “I want to apologize without palliative for the event that happened in the box, when in a moment of euphoria I caught the part of the body that you had already seen,” he began. “I was so excited that I lost control and held back when you turned to the box and looked at me during the World Cup win. [mirando al entrenador nacional, Jorge Vilda]. At that moment I made you mark your eggs. I must apologize to Her Majesty the Queen, the Infanta, the Royal Household and anyone who feels offended, I understand that this is a small constructive gesture. My deepest apologies. You know me, I’ve been in a lot of acts, Paklos, and I’ve never acted like this. I don’t make excuses.

Then he talked about kissing Jennifer Hermoso. The kiss, although it’s more of a peak than a kiss, anyone who sees the video will understand that at that time in front of 80,000 people – millions on television, in front of all the people who were there, including some of my family. , my daughters – the desire I could have in this kiss was exactly the same as the desire I could have for one of my daughters before the kiss. There is no desire or position to dominate, although many media sell something else that respects [Javier] Thebes, [presidente de la Liga y enemigo de Rubiales] And the false feminism that plagues this country,” she defended.

Pressure and loss of support

24 hours ago, the government insisted it would act against the federation. “We are watching this fact very carefully from the government, because it cannot remain like this. Of course we expect events, but if they don’t happen, if they don’t happen, the government will act,” said Félix Bolaños during an official visit to Paris this Thursday.

The government does not have the power to release Rubiales at will, but it can apply pressure through the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAD). It is now in the hands of the SC to present the various accumulated complaints to the TAD, which will have to initiate proceedings, hear the parties and issue a decree. He can carefully set it, the suspension of functions, which will become final if the process ends with disqualification.

The president of the CSD, Victor Francos, who must decide whether to refer the complaint to the TAD, is an appointee of the Minister of Culture and Sports, Mikel Isetta. Franco has already said that if the Royal Spanish Football Federation “does not act on the Rubiales case”, this government body will.

At the moment, the federation president has at least four complaints before the CSD: one from RFEF affiliate Miguel Angel Galán, another from former professional referee Javier Estrada Fernández, one from Sumar and another from Liga F. They blame him for failure. Comply with the federation’s anti-sexual assault protocol, sports law and possibly abuse of power in the context of the federation for the boss of Hermoso.

Source: El Diario





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