After surgery, the papilla is in good condition and routine control is favorable

Pope Francis is “in good condition” and routine check-ups are favorable after surgery he underwent Wednesday for an abdominal hernia at Rome’s Gemelli hospital, the Vatican said Thursday.

“The post-operative medical staff reports that he had a good night’s rest, a long rest; He is in good condition, awake and breathing spontaneously,” Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said in a statement. Brun adds, “Routine follow-up is good, and throughout the day you will observe the necessary post-operative rest.”

“The Pope has been informed of the messages of closeness and love that have come in the last hours and expresses his gratitude, while at the same time asking for continued prayers for him,” the statement said.

Promotions are canceled until June 18

The doctor who operated on him, Sergio Alfieri, and who also led the medical team for the colon surgery in July 2021, said after the intervention this Wednesday that everything was fine, that Francisco was awake and that he even made a few jokes. . Speaking to the media at the Gemelli hospital, Alfieri explained that any other type of pathology has been ruled out and that both the colon and the current one are “benign”, while he declined to specify how many days he would have to undergo. will stay in the hospital, because everything will depend on how it develops.

During surgery, Dr. Alfieri reported, “strong adhesions were found between the partially contained medial-tenual bowel loops and the parietal peritoneum,” and “therefore, the adhesions were released” and the wall reconstructed. Abdomen reticulate.

In general, he explained that a seven-day hospitalization is necessary, but it should be taken into account that the pope is 86 years old, that he has already undergone four operations, that he was recently hospitalized for a lung infection, and therefore we. will take all precautions.”

For now, the Vatican has canceled all papal audiences and acts until June 18, and he will make two trips to Lisbon in early August to participate in World Youth Day and to Mongolia later that month. maintained..

Alfieri also assured that the Pope “never had a problem with general anesthesia”, although “nobody likes surgery and sleep, because the moment we fall asleep, we lose consciousness”.

Source: El Diario





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