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Teresa Helbig, National Fashion Award “for her long career and artistic quality”

Designer Teresa Helbig (Barcelona, ​​1963) has been awarded the 2023 National Award for Fashion Design by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which is awarded with 30,000 euros. Teresa Helbig, essentially synonymous with good taste, craftsmanship and elegance, knows no fashion that comes and goes. business”.

Similarly, the jury emphasized “his work to train new professionals. The international relevance achieved by his work, his constant dialogue with other arts and cultural industries, as well as, in particular, his research, renewal of crafts and incorporation into the most avant-garde lines of Spanish design, make him the recipient of this award. . “.

The National Fashion Design Award honors the winner’s meritorious work through work that has become public in this creative field during 2022 or, in duly motivated cases, over a full professional career over time. “A Helbig woman never goes unnoticed”, this phrase is the motto of this meticulous designer.

She made her debut as a designer herself with over 800 feather-embellished pieces, sewn one by one. A world he discovered from a young age, as his mother, also a seamstress and right-hand man in the firm, passed on his love for fabrics and the care of stitches. This flirty and colorful dress led her to her own label, creating love-at-first-sight pieces, garments full of details, consolidated in sophistication and beauty.

No dress in his creations is the same as another, but they all contain chords of haute couture, the rhythm of rock and roll and a hint of fraud. The Catalan designer’s fine tailoring exudes craftsmanship and quality, coupled with his commitment to the environment and sustainability, his commitment to long-lasting pieces. Stars such as Halle Berry or Zendaya have already worn the creations of the award-winning designer, who works with a small company that places great value on “savoir faire” and creates unique and special pieces.

Also among the favorites of young women who want to wear white to say “I do,” Teresa Helbig likes to call her designs “jewel dresses,” precious pieces wrapped in the halo of a night out or a party. Following Pedro Rodríguez, Pertegaz, Elio Berhanier, Alfredo Carral and Adolfo Domínguez, the Catalan was responsible for designing Iberia’s latest uniforms, worn by more than 6,000 airline employees worldwide. Helbig is a regular on Spain’s main catwalk, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, as well as on red carpets such as the Goyas.

Source: El Diario





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