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Accused of killing an ONCE employee admits the facts: “I don’t know what happened to me”

AGS, The man accused of murdering Maria Isabel de la Rosa, AGS, pleaded guilty and admitted the facts. The defendant explained how he killed and walled up the victim: “I don’t know what came over me,” he said. It was during the second session of the trial, which took place this Tuesday, in the second department of the Provincial Court of Albacete, where, to the questions of the prosecutor, he described in detail what happened on August 19, 2021.

Defendant explained the relationship he had with Maria Isabel, assuring them that they were acquaintances, that they met for drinks many times, and that Defendant was a regular user. As he noted, he owed the seller 50 euros for several weeks, for which he called Maria Isabel, who was once a worker, to come to his house so that they could be returned.

He assured them that they would talk and have a few beers and that Maria Isabel gave him a few “scratches” to open, but after a while he collected too many and demanded that they pay. “I started opening credit cards and I didn’t touch any of them, I accumulated up to 200 euros, and there it already told me that I had to pay, but I didn’t have money,” he said. At that time, according to the accused, Maria Isabel got up and demanded the debt, at which time A.S. He got nervous and pushed her, as a result of which she fell to the ground.

After the incident, the victim was threatened with messages. It was at this point that the accused pounced on her and squeezed her neck until she was strangled. “It was almost instantaneous. I sat on him, I held one leg in his arm, he couldn’t let go, I grabbed him by the neck, hugged him, he didn’t have time to say anything. I was there for a while, for a minute and something, it was a very bad time. I don’t know what was going through my head, I was pressing until I noticed that he was dead, “he admitted.


Defendant stated that he was “in shock” that he “didn’t want to throw the body away,” so he decided to move the body into the room and wrap it up. “I didn’t think about calling the police or 112, I was scared, I didn’t know what to do, I took Maria Isabel’s body and brought it into the room, left it on the floor and wrapped it around me. “- he said.

After a few seconds, he decided to build a room to hide the body and keep the smell from spreading, ordered building materials and tiles, and began erecting the wall.

“I have knowledge of stone, I laid the building and made rows of bricks with cement, so until I got to the top, I did it two or three times so that the smell did not come out. I also hid his vest, scratches and POS case,” he said, adding that he smashed both the POS and the victim’s mobile phone.

AGS also recounted how a few days later he went to the bar he frequented and commented on Maria Isabel’s disappearance, noting that he did not know where she was until the police showed up at her home on August 24. . “They asked me for permission to enter the house, as we entered I told them to go to the yard and I told them where it was, I buried it there, then they stopped me and I announced everything. “, he said.

The prosecutor believes that the facts constitute the crime of murder, for which, like the private prosecution, they ask for a permanent sentence of imprisonment, while the defense claims that it is a murder with the mitigation of stubbornness and repentance, for which they are. They ask for a reduction of the sentence. The trial continues with the testimony of witnesses.

Source: El Diario





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