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The book fair begins with a brain saturated with politics

A squad of politicians on the campaign trail open the door and enter a giant polyester brain painted pink. Five minutes pass and the brain is still locked inside with politicians. At the sixth minute, the heads of the protocol become uncomfortable. They are trying to open the door by force, they want the Minister of Culture, the Mayor of Madrid, councilors, several candidates, general directors, councilors, heads of the cabinet… until the door opens again and it is doubtful. cleared. Nothing happened to the twenty politicians who penetrated the brain. And they all leave the way they came in, thinking about this week’s election. Reality writes scripts that producers will never agree to shoot due to lack of credibility.

Brain is a CSIC event that the organization has placed at the heart of the Madrid Book Fair. In this way they celebrate the Nobel laureate Santiago Ramón y Cajal. In these six minutes, the functioning of the organ and the contributions of the Spanish scientist to neuroscience are discussed. The monumental sculptural object is accompanied by a tent in which the work of Ramón y Cajal is revealed. Until June 11, science and technology will be the protagonists of this edition, inaugurated by a large inventory of politicians of all kinds.

This year, Casa Real declined an invitation to participate in the first small parade among the booths of booksellers, publishers and distributors. All the attention of the cameras fell on Mikel Isetta, who had already paid for half of the tour’s book sales with his mobile phone. The rest of the platoon advanced empty-handed and crossed their arms. Andrea Levy, the city council’s culture delegate, said goodbye to the exhibition as the city’s culture manager.

electoral fair

José Luis Martínez-Almeida moved Levy from the second position of the lists – which he had four years ago, in the previous municipal elections – to the thirteenth place. The PP mayoral repeat candidate has already announced that his new head of culture will be Marta Rivera de la Cruz, a manager who worked under Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the first legislature when she was a member of Ciudadanos. After a stint with the PP as Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports for the Community of Madrid, Rivera de la Cruz will be close to Martínez-Almeida on a new road.

Both Levy and his replacement walked close to Almeida as they walked down one of the two canopied corridors, Paseo de Coches. One and the other exchanged the photographer’s place to capture the students of the outgoing mayor and the students who attacked the march. While the minister listened to booksellers and publishers at their booths and bought copies from them, Martínez-Almeida attended to congratulate him and ask for photos from his neighbors. He probably came empty-handed with books, but he didn’t lose his voice on Sunday.

It’s about Leonora Carrington. Memories belowI think it will drop this afternoon on the AVE on the way to Barcelona. It’s hard to find those reading moments, but those of us who travel a lot read on the train,” said Isetta, whose goal for the rest of the legislature is to close the most important part of the artist’s statute, the right to terminate. cultural for workers. Worried about Sunday night’s results, the rest of the cultural charges were not heard talking about books or bookstores.

The star appearance was maintained by Begonia Vilasis, who, despite the institutional protocol of the inauguration placing the Ciudadanos mayoral candidate in the second row, decided to stand to the left and right of the Minister of Culture. In fact, he removed Marta Rivera de la Cruz and María José Gálvez, director general of the promotion of books and reading, from the front row of the photo. This year there was no queen, but the candidate was welcomed by the population, who watched the proceedings with the same attention as the monarch. He was also the only candidate to emerge from the squad to address the media and make final announcements about what will happen at the polls on Sunday. Without the strict route marked by Casa Real, a man with elbows on Friday morning was the most popular photo ahead of the election.

Variety, variety and lack of space

Gálvez tried to dispel criticism of the organization of the exhibition from some independent publishers, assuring that the exhibition “expresses biblical diversity, the desire for diversity, welcomes, has more booksellers and publishers every year, in a limited space and produces new spaces, like Indómitas, for those who have a different way of communicating with readers , also has its space”. This program, called Indómitas, is a prelude to the Festival Poetas, a publisher’s fair within the book fair itself, featuring the most “exotic” publishers on the publishing scene.

Eva Orue is facing her second edition as head of the book fair, but the first one in which she has closely followed each activity and improvement movement. “Creating expectations is always delicate because then you’re judged by them. Last year, one union, was an extraordinary exhibition: 3,100,000 visits, 10,200,000 euro turnover… Repeating these figures, in today’s context and considering that we started with rain, would not be bad. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to give up on improving them,” says Orue. “What we aim to do with this change exhibition is to improve the organisation, structure and experience for those who exhibit here and those who visit us.” We work with scientific procedures, trial and error. We’ll persevere with what works, fix what doesn’t. Only in this way can we be true to the commercial and popular nature of the fair, to make the fair new,” explained the director ahead of the edition, which was born out of controversy but presented peacefully.

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