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Chaos due to flooding in the areas of Castellón and Murcia due to rain

Pools of water, fallen tree branches, stuck cars, flooding and rescues, although generally without serious consequences, are some of the incidents caused by the heavy and persistent rains in the last hours in the community of Valencia and the center of the peninsula. It continues this Friday, with a special incident in Madrid.

Like Castile, the whole of Extremadura and Galicia (La Coruña) are also today under a meteorological warning, yellow, in this case due to coastal phenomena, according to the latest data from the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet). on his web page.

Torrential rain in Castellion

In the community of Valencia, Castellón woke up to an orange weather warning (significant risk) due to rain of 140 liters per square meter in 12 hours, especially in the metropolitan area and also in Valencia, but the region will soon leave the warning. back.

In the last few hours, heavy rain fell in the Castellon points, where between midnight and 7:30 this Friday, 68.6 liters per square meter accumulated in the municipality of Almasora, and 44.4 liters per square meter in the municipality of Torreblanca. meter to 6:00 a.m., according to Aemet.

The torrential rains hit the capital La Plana in particular, slightly exceeding 160 liters per square meter in just 4 hours, forcing firefighters to carry out various rescue operations, debris and vehicles blocked by heavy rains that accumulated in Benicasim, Almasora. Boriana and Onda. According to the Castellón de la Plana fire brigade, there were “many” services during the night, but none seriously.

Chaos in Molina de Segura, Murcia

Heavy rains recorded in the Murcia region in the last few hours have left scenes of particular concern in the town of Molina de Segura. The emergency services received more than 150 calls about the incidents.

A video was circulated on social networks, where a woman tried to cross the flood with her son in a stroller and the car was dragged into the water.

Wind and rain in Madrid

The community of Madrid woke up this Friday to an orange alert level in the mountain area, where 80 liters of rain per square meter was expected in 12 hours, locally 100 liters, and the alert is currently maintained at yellow throughout the region. Also due to storms, possibly hail.

By 7:30 a.m. this Friday, the region had accumulated 44.1 liters in Alto de León, 37.4 liters in Alpedrete, 36.8 liters in Navacerada Port, 35.2 liters in Colmenar and about 31 liters per square meter in the municipalities of Valdemort. Torellodons.

Winds were also very strong in some areas, with gusts of up to 109 km/h in La Pinilla, in the community of Madrid, and 82 km/h in the capital, Segovia, and 82 km/h in the port of Navacerada. (Madrid) The maximum gust reached 77 kilometers per hour.

Firefighters carried out 17 interventions this morning, related to the heavy rain in the last hours, especially in the municipalities of El Escorial, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Collado-Villalba, Galapagar and Alpedrete.

According to the Madrid Community Emergencies 112, between eleven o’clock on Thursday night and seven o’clock this Friday morning, the service managed 66 files due to rain and interventions, although without great urgency, focused on pools. Water on public roads, flooding in basements and houses and tree trunks. The situation in the capital is calmer than expected, there were 16 interventions until this morning, most of them due to water leaks in houses and fallen branches.

Election trip

Aemett anticipates municipal and autonomous elections next week, a day that will sweep the north-west and southern half of the peninsula during a generally volatile weekend in large parts of the country.

“In principle it will be the northeast, it is especially Navarre, La Rioja, northern Aragon and Catalonia, areas that will be somewhat more to the side” of the rainy weekend, added agency spokesman Ruben del Campo. . “While there is still uncertainty, it looks like Saturday and Sunday will see rainfall in the north-west and southern half of the peninsula,” added the Aemet spokesman.

Source: El Diario





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