Rain and storms this week in the center and south of the peninsula

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) this week predicts intermittent rain and storms in the center and southern half of the peninsula, where temperatures will also drop, while in Andalucia the rains may be intense, especially in the western zone, around the Strait and in Malaga.

This week is expected to be unstable with cloudiness in the peninsula of the evolution of the day and the Balearic Islands, in the latter rain is expected, as well as in the Iberian system and in the northeast of Catalonia, where it is not excluded. Locally intense. There will be a chance of rain in the northern plateau areas; And in the northern third there will be weak and scattered rain.

Cloudy skies or intervals in the Canary Islands, with possible light precipitation in the north of the islands of greater relief and isolated showers in the central islands. The dust is suspended on the southeast coast of the peninsula.

During the day, the temperature will remain the same in the southern third of the peninsula, although it will generally rise slightly in the rest of the country. Minimums are unlikely to change. Light frosts in the Pyrenees and western Cantabria. Winds from the north, from the north-east in Galicia and the northern plateau and from the north-west in the north of the Ebro, Ampurdan and Balearic Islands. In the Canary Islands, the wind blows from the north.

Forecast by topics

Galicia: Cloudy in the northern third, partly cloudy in the rest, becoming cloudy in the southern hilly areas in the afternoon. Light rain on the coast of Cantabria in the morning, which may spread, scattered, in the afternoon in the interior of the northern third, and in the afternoon some scattered rain is possible in the mountainous areas east of the community.

Asturias: Cloudy at intervals increasing to cloudy, more likely light rain and drizzle, frequent inland and afternoon. Probable fogs or scattered fogs in the upper levels of the Cordillera at the beginning and end of the day. The minimum temperature decreases, more pronounced in the south. Weak and scattered frosts on the peaks of the Cordillera.

Cantabria: Cloudy intervals increasing to overcast or cloudy, with light rain and drizzle more likely and frequent in the afternoon, less likely in the far south. Scattered mists or fogs likely in the interior at higher elevations early and late in the day. Temperature with minor changes, maximum increase and minimum decrease prevail. Possibility of weak and scattered frosts on the peaks of the Cordillera.

Basque country: Cloudy intervals will increase to cloudy or covered with light rain and drizzle more likely and frequent in the afternoon and northern half. Scattered mists or fogs likely in the interior at higher elevations early and late in the day. Temperature with minor changes prevails with minimal increase.

Castile and Leon: Cloudy, with developing clouds, possible rain showers that may continue with storms, preferably in the afternoon, in safer mountainous areas. Minimum temperature in the east and south with a slight change and maximum increase, and no change in the rest. Scattered light frosts at high altitudes.

Navarre: Cloudy with evolving clouds in the southern half in the afternoon. Light rains and showers in the northern half, more intense and frequent on the Cantabrian slope. Scattered mists or fogs likely at higher altitudes in the northern half at the beginning and end of the day. An increase in temperature, more pronounced in the high peaks of the southern half.

Rioja: Cloudy intervals with developing cloudiness, without the exclusion of scattered rain, which may be accompanied by a storm, are more likely in Rioja Alta. The minimum temperature is unchanged or increases slightly, while the maximum temperature increases slightly.

Aragon: Cloudy skies in the Pyrenees with precipitation in the afternoon, which will be more abundant in the division. In the rest, initially slightly cloudy, increasing to cloudy skies from the afternoon and cloudiness of the daily evolution in mountainous areas; In the Iberian system, rain is expected in the afternoon, which will be more intense in Teruel, where it is not excluded that it will be locally strong, preferably in the southeast.

Catalonia: In the southern third, slightly cloudy at first, rising with cloudy intervals; In the rest, cloudy skies prevail. Precipitation is expected in the northeast quadrant and the Pyrenees in the morning, which may spread in the afternoon in the form of rain and occasional storms in parts of the northern half. minimum temperature without changes or with a slight increase; In the eastern half, the maxima decrease, and in the rest with little change.

Extremadura: Developing clouds, without the possibility of rain, possibly accompanied by a storm, preferably in the afternoon, more common in the south. Temperatures are constant or increasing in the north and constant or decreasing in the south.

Madrid: overcast or overcast. Occasional rain and storms that will be more common in the Sierra. rise in temperature. Light northeast wind early in the morning, at moderate intervals, variable in the afternoon.

Castilla La Mancha: Cloudy sky with medium and high clouds and abundant cloudiness of daily evolution with cloudy intervals in the southeast quadrant. Rain and storms, especially in the central hours of the day, are more common in the western third. Temperatures will increase, except west of Ciudad Real, where there will be little change.

Community of Valencia: Cloudy at intervals, more abundant in the central hours. A cloudiness developing into the interior from the afternoon, which may lead to occasional showers. Temperature without significant changes.

Murcia: Cloudy skies in the northwest, with a chance of a shower in the afternoon. Slightly changed temperature.

Balearics: In Menorca, the sky is covered with rain and drizzle; In Majorca, cloudy at intervals, with occasional showers, mostly in the north; A little overcast sky in Pityusa from midday with high cloud intervals. The temperature changes little or rises during the day.

Andalusia: Cloudy or cloudy skies, with rain showers, sometimes accompanied by storms and hail, more intense in the afternoon, when they can be locally strong in the western half. The temperature is unchanged, except for the maximum in the western half, which will decrease.

Canary Islands: With cloudy intervals, cloudy skies prevail in the central hours on the eastern, southern and western slopes of the islands with the highest terrain. In the western islands, without excluding the east, there is a possibility of light rain. Slightly changed temperature.

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