Like May Water: Rain returns to large drought-stricken areas

They won’t be enough to ease the water shortage, as many days are expected to rain, but large areas of southern Spain will see a change in weather. The Andalusian community will experience changes from this Wednesday with the arrival of cold air in the middle layers of the atmosphere, which will cause a cold drop or DANA (isolated depression at high level, in meteorological jargon) that will leave. Some rain “isolated” and “irregular” in some southern provinces of the peninsula, accompanied by a drop in temperature.

The territorial delegate told Europa Press about it State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) In Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla, Juan de Dios del Pino, who also explained that DANA “will also be able to leave on Wednesday during the day a possible storm that will accompany Ceuta, Melilla and the province of Cadiz mainly”.

As of Thursday, Del Pino noted, these rains “may spread to the north of the region and affect other inland provinces, especially in the mountainous area.” “During the week, this DANA will move to eastern Andalusia, while the west will be freed,” the head of AEMET noted.

As for daytime temperatures, Del Pino said they will experience a seven-degree drop “starting this Tuesday, which will be above average and even slightly below average for the time of year we’re in.” Qualifies the person in charge of AEMET, who in turn noted that the minimums “will increase by about three degrees between Tuesday and Wednesday, but from Thursday they will start to fall gently”.

Another DANA to the north

In the rest of Spain, AEMET predicts cloudy skies in the northern part of the peninsula and islands, as well as light frosts in the Pyrenees and isolated in other mountain systems in the center and north of the Iberian Peninsula.

Skies will be cloudy in the eastern Cantabrian Sea, north of Navarre and the Pyrenees, with rain and drizzle, while early in the day there will be cloudy intervals in the rest of the extreme north of the peninsula, in the eastern half. Northern highlands and the periphery of the central systems and Iberia, with the possibility of light precipitation.

Cloudy intervals are also expected in the eastern half of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, as well as the Canary Islands with a chance of rain or storms, while the rest of the peninsula will be slightly cloudy with high intervals. clouds.

On the other hand, he says that temperatures will remain unchanged, and snow levels in the extreme north of the peninsula will be around 1,800 meters and will drop to around 1,400 meters.

As for the wind, it will blow from the north except in the Levante region, the Balearic Islands and the southern third of the peninsula, where it will be from variable directions; And intervals of strong intensity are expected on the northwest coast of Galicia, the Ebro Valley and surrounding areas, the Pyrenees, the Empordà and the Canary Islands.

Source: El Diario





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