Podemos is proposing to PSOE to raise the cinema fee to €2 for more groups such as the unemployed and young people.

United We Can intends to propose to the PSOE that it extends to the unemployed, 15 to 29-year-olds, the disabled and households earning the minimum living income, a €2 cinema ticket plan. over 65 years of age, which will be approved by the Council of Ministers tomorrow.

Social rights minister and Podemos secretary general Ione Bellara announced this on his Twitter, a day after CEO Pedro Sánchez announced his intention to approve this plan to promote culture at the next cabinet meeting.

“We are going to propose to the PSOE the extension of cinema tickets to €2 for the unemployed and their families, families receiving the minimum living income, the disabled and young people aged 15 to 29.” For culture for everyone and for everyone,” Belara wrote on the social network.

According to socialist sources, the plan to promote the attendance of the elderly to the cinema envisages an investment of 10 million euros.

The event will be developed in cooperation with the main associations of the exhibition sector, which represent more than 90% of the halls.

In order to implement it, the government will agree with the sector to establish another cinema day for the elderly at a reduced price, depending on the specifics of the theaters in each area, as, for example, there are municipalities where they are open only on weekends.

Source: El Diario





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