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Ania Taylor-Joy: “Looking forward to working with Pedro Almodოვvar”

Before Anna Taylor-Joy could become a world star thanks Queen GambitThe actor has already had several films in his filmography that have become cult titles. One of them, The magician, Marked Robert Eggers’s directorial debut. The film conquered the Sitges Festival in 2015. The director stood there with a barely famous young actor who conquered all with his Argentine accent and brutal performance. It was a starting point for both of them. Egers then built a career that skyrocketed thanks to him Lighthouse And Ania Taylor-Joy has become one of the most promising actresses on the current scene.

Both merged into a third film, directed by Eggers, The Man of the NorthA Viking film that adapts a Scandinavian medieval legend that was inspired Hamlet Of Shakespeare (the protagonist is called Amlet) and that this is his most ambitious project to date. Violent, cruel, dirty – in a good way – and not at all humiliating. An adult bet for a mediocre community against multiple offers from superheroes. The challenge from which Eggers emerges victorious and shows that he can manage a large budget without sacrificing his own personality.

This incorruptible character was noticed by Ania Taylor-Joy in this union. The actor confirms that Eggers “has not changed”. “It is interesting because we have been friends since then The magician. The opportunity to be in front of the camera with him was very exciting because we now know each other better. What I have not realized so far is that my character as an actor on the set comes from Robert. Now that I’m at your service again, I said, ‘Because of you I’m who I am as an actor, you were the first person I saw and I based everything on you’ and I’m proud of that because of the actor ‘s accuracy, hard work, team … “Everything is his merit,” he assured us.

Taylor-Joy has already worked in our country under the direction of Sergio Sanchez in his directorial debut. The Secret of MarrowboneAnd he wants to repeat that. On the night of the Oscars, he was spotted with Pedro Almodოვvar. The Spanish director himself captured this moment in a photo he posted in his weekly newspaper in Los Angeles and published exclusively in Spain by In this blog, she admitted that during the visit she met actors who were interested in her next project, adapting to Cate Blanchett. A guide to cleaning women, Freely giving rumors about possible spread. The actor will like it: “I am looking forward to working with Pedro Almodოვvar. To be honest, I can not wait to shoot a movie in Spanish. I like it because he is such an incredible and beloved director in the short time I spent with him … I will be happy and I will use any excuse to shoot in Spain again. ”

The Man of the North This is against the currents of the film industry, which is increasingly afraid of failure in cinemas. Pressing and releasing platforms in cinemas is a risk, so they repeat the formula that works. Superheroes, Remakes, Saga and nostalgia. Ania Taylor-Joy lacks a kind of cinema that is not made. “I think we will miss the big event films and I mean something epic. I read this script and said “this is epic”. It’s hard, it’s beautiful, it’s dark … it has everything I think people want. People want new things, they do not always have to rely on formulas. If we are trying to create art, we should not do anything because we think it is what will sell. I think people want the magic and mystery of these great movies that are shot on the big screen. This is the magic of cinema and I miss it. ”

Despite the ambitious project, Robert Eggers admits that funding the film has not been difficult. “I was quite lucky in this regard and it was quite simple. I had a script prepared when Lighthouse It was very successful in Cannes and fortunately for me, there were plenty of Viking products that people were interested in, so it all came together. It is astonishing that he has disappeared to some extent Lighthouse Something of this size. “This is not what usually happens,” said Eggers, who also believes that there is a lack of cinema. We need more wonderful films designed for smart adults. ”

The Man of the North It was a challenge for Eggers, who says that if he had to write a book with everything he learned during the filming, “I would never finish”: “I finally felt like a filmmaker. After the first two films I still felt like I was convincing people that I was a director and now I feel like I have the tools to say I am. ”

People want new things, they do not always have to rely on formulas. If we are trying to create art, we should not do anything because we think it is what will sell.

Ania Taylor-Joy

One of the actress’s surprises where they are, besides Anna Taylor-Joy, Alexander Skarsgარrd, Ethan Hawke and Nicole Kidman, is the appearance of singer Bjork, who has been away from acting since 2008. Robert Eggers laughs when asked how he was convinced and reveals that “you can not convince Bjork of anything.” In this case, it was the personal relationship that the singer had with his co-author John Sigurdsson that led him to say yes to the cult look.

This epic tale of revenge, full of blood, amputated limbs, sequential action scenes, and the last battle in an erupting volcano, was intended exclusively for the big screen, and in fact Robert Eggers does not consider his work to be Platf. Products. “I always make films that I have to experience in cinemas. I’m sure that if a situation arose that I could only do it through a platform, I would do it, but that ‘s not what I prefer. Currently he is still incorruptible and at this minute he is still trying to elevate a remake of Georgia Nosferatu Murnau, which is not as easy as The Man of the North.

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