The incidence of COVID continues to increase with a small increase in hospitalization in the elderly

The Ministry of Health has registered 49,829 new cases of coronavirus, thus increasing the total number of confirmed infections since March 2020 to 12,058,888.

By communities, Andalusia is the one with the highest incidence (7,701), followed by Catalonia (7,437) and Madrid (6,557). On the other hand, the least cases are the autonomous cities of Melilla (107) and Ceuta (180), La Rioja (518) and the Balearic Islands (714).

The incidence is slightly increased in people over the age of 60, a risk group in which the focus is on health. There were 843.24 cases per 100,000 population, up from 813.22 on Friday.

The ministry added another 254 death toll, led by Darias, to 105,123 since the pandemic began. Of these, 222 have occurred in the last seven days.

In hospitals, as of this Tuesday, 7,291 people have been admitted, which means 5.89% as a profession. Compared to the previous report, hospitalization increased by 433. There are 356 patients with Covid-19 in clinics.

Source: El Diario





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