Dozens of experts and organizations sign manifesto against socialist proposal to change ‘only yes is yes’ law

“Only a yes is a yes” law reform materializes in Congress. He will do so this week if the Socialist Group gets the support it needs to implement its text in next Thursday’s plenary session. After weeks of negotiations and amendments to the law, dozens of organizations, experts and feminists launched and signed Manifesto Where they call for the rule to preserve the “centrality of consent” and emphasize that the socialist law proposal does not serve to stop sentencing reductions, “but it avoids focusing the debate on the case law that has led to most reduction decisions.” The punishment of the last months”.

The manifesto stresses that the yes-only-is-yes law represents a paradigm shift, making “consent the sole element of sexual violence, including rape.” From a legal perspective, they continue, the reformulation of the concept of consent implies a change in the way sexual violence is understood and defined, “because now the absence of consent is the only requirement to consider that sexual freedom has been violated”. “This means a better understanding of the psychological reactions of victims of sexual violence and the complexity of those reactions that make it impossible to do anything, even or not,” they explain.

The signatories note that the new law should have had enough time to show its effect. “The use and manipulation of victims of sexual violence has made it possible to address the most structural sexual fears and terrors, setting up a debate around social alarm, configured as an insatiable reactionary strategy,” the manifesto underlines, arguing that the socialist proposal will not shy away from the reduction of punishment that caused the alarm.

“The vast majority of reductions since the law came into force have been made in decrees that did not recognize the element of violence and intimidation, and the revision of sentences stems from the old automaticity of imposition. In sex crimes, the minimum sentence in compliance and lack of sufficient motivation for punishment. The PL is ineffective under this analysis because, particularly in section 178 offences, it imposes a sentence at the top of the fork (with the same minimum) when there is violence, intimidation or the revocation of a will, when most of the consideration occurred in cases where there was no violence. Confirmed, neither was intimidation and the punishment imposed was the lowest,” they argue.

The signatories argue that the reform proposed by the PSOE will have a strong impact on the configuration of consent, “because the reform introduces additional elements to the definition of sexual violence, including rape, which reduces the role of consent in the definition of this violence.” “. “Therefore, the argument that this does not affect the definition of “positive consent” in Article 178.1 of the Criminal Code is not correct,” they argue. The manifesto calls on groups in Congress and the Senate to support only those amendments that ensure the centrality of consent.

Among the signatories are several feminist assemblies and organizations such as Novembre Feminista, Las Tejedoras, Feministas por el Clima or the Ecofeminism Commission of Environmentalists in Action. Also lawyers and jurists such as Patricia Lorenzo, Carla Valli, Juan Teradillos, Juan Carlos Carbonell, Manuel Cancio or María Luisa Maceda and sexual violence experts, activists and feminist theorists such as Nerea Barjola, Yayo Herrero, Ruth Mestre or Begonia. San Jose.. At the moment, signatures of 34 groups and 350 people have been accumulated in the manifesto.

Source: El Diario





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