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Lorraine Mills: The family of a murder victim on the pain inflicted by Richard Shaw

The daughter of a beloved grandmother, who was killed in her own home, said “heartbreak doesn’t even come close” to describing the pain inflicted on her family.

Lorraine Mills, 63, was stabbed nearly 40 times in a “violent and unprovoked” attack in Millbrook, the court heard.

Her killer, 48-year-old Richard Shaw, has been in prison for at least 30 years and was told by a judge that he “could die in custody.”

Lorraine’s daughter Natalie Harris, who was in a relationship with him, said his actions “destroyed my life and the lives of many other people.”

Shaw, from Derby Road, Southampton, had already been convicted of raping his grandmother, but his relationship with Mrs Harris resumed after his release.

Daily Ultrasound: Richard Shaw.

The couple eventually broke up due to fear that he would be sent back to prison for violating the terms of the license.

On November 21 last year, after a series of arguments, Shaw went to Lorraine’s house on Mansel Road East.

He told the officers that he went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and followed his partner’s mother into the bedroom.

He stabbed her in the back, chest and neck as she tried to defend herself.

Accusatory, Joe Martin told KC, “His intent was to kill Lorraine to hurt Natalie.”

Daily Echo: The knife used in the murder of Lorraine Mills.

Shaw kept the knife in his pocket when he went to the pub with Mrs Harris later that day, but threw it into the bushes on Southampton Common.

Lorraine’s body was discovered by her daughter and granddaughter.

At Shaw’s sentencing at the Crown Court of Winchester, Miss Harris told him: “You have ruined my life and the lives of many other people.

“Heartbroken is not even close.

“My daughter, who is only nine years old, was with me when she found the nanny lying cold, bloodied and lifeless.

“It’s an image that no one should see, let alone a child.”

Rihanna Mold, Shaw’s daughter, said: “You are not my father. You are not really a man.

“The thought that you are my biological father disgusts me.

“Nanny is calm, pain-free and happy.

“You showed me what’s really bad and that’s why I hate you.

“I don’t love you anymore and I don’t miss you anymore. You are the devil.”

Shaw pleaded guilty to murder in January.

He served 17 years in prison for rape.

John Swain reassuringly said that the defendant had a difficult upbringing when he was two years old.

Daily Ultrasound: Lorraine Mills.

“Obviously, the relationship between him and Natalie was extremely unhealthy for both of them, and it’s sad that they resumed this relationship.

“There was a deterioration between them. It all ended tragically in the choice of this defendant.

“He blames no one but himself.”

Shaw was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 30 years.

The judge, Ms Judge Joanna Cutts, DBE, told him, “Only because of your own indignation did you decide that Natalie Harris needed to know what it was like to know pain.

“You went to her mother’s house to hurt her and kill her.

“This murder was committed out of revenge.

“It is highly unlikely that you will be released and possibly die in custody.”

Author: Timothy Edgley.

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