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Southampton’s chief inspector speaks out about shoplifting in co-op stores

Southampton police chief attacked shoplifters targeting convenience stores after a local resident expressed concern.

Superintendent Marcus Kennedy says his officers remain determined to fight these crimes, which have a “long-term” impact on those affected.

His words came after Peartree resident Nigel Jaryves expressed concerns for the safety of customers and employees of the Bridge Road Cooperative Store.

Echoes of the Daily: Nigel Jarvis outside the cooperative store on Bridge Road, Peartree.

The 64-year-old said the shoplifters used the busy period to leave with “baskets full of supplies.”

A retired gardener who has lived in the area for nine years says the crime rate “has never been higher.”

CI Kennedy promised to work with companies to “hold those responsible to account.”

He said: “The emotional and physical consequences that these types of crimes can have – from shoplifting, anti-social behavior inside and outside buildings to violence and other related behavior – can affect not only employees of local businesses, but also the wider local community. . community, is long-term and has long-term consequences for those affected.

“My officers remain committed to fighting these crimes in the city and recognize the impact they have on both the public and local business owners.

“Working with local businesses is absolutely essential for us to understand the issues and arrest those responsible.”

He added that it was important for local businesses to look into various preventive measures and tactics such as B. as a security guard.

Inspector Kennedy encourages Woolston residents to report such crimes if they witness them.

He added: “The information you provide to us about suspicious incidents or crimes is checked daily by our local police teams.

“This ultimately determines where we can best allocate our resources based on threat, damage and demand for our services; this gives us a better picture of what’s going on in the community so we can respond quickly and decisively to incidents that are reported to us.

“We want Southampton to be a safe place where people can live and work without fear of being harassed on the street or in their local supermarket; or not feeling that they are not free to explore their local community without caring about other people’s behavior.

“That kind of behavior has no place in Southampton.”

Author: Emily Liddell

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