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Easter Weather: Light rain and rising temperatures

During Holy Week the weather is “stable” with a low chance of rain, the first half of the week is limited to the south of Andalusia, the eastern third and the Balearic Islands, while in the second it affects the northeast more. , although in general the precipitation that may occur will be “light and scattered”.

This was announced on Monday by the spokesman of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), Ruben del Campo, who added that it is also raining in the north of the Canary Islands, the most mountainous islands, and regarding the temperature, he said that they. Will increase significantly progressively throughout the week. However, he specified that the early morning will continue to be cold, with frost in some areas, giving way to moderate conditions during the central hours of the day.

On Tuesday, the presence of a DANA or isolated depression at high level around the Gulf of Cádiz adds uncertainty to the forecast, but generally partly cloudy skies will continue in most of Spain, although clouds will increase in the south of the peninsula.

In principle, the probability of rain is low, but weak and scattered rain is not excluded in the extreme south of Andalusia, in the southeast of Castilla La Mancha, the Community of Valencia and the Balearic Islands, while rain is more likely. Canary Islands. Temperatures will rise on the peninsula, except for the Mediterranean area, especially at night, although inland areas will still be frosty, explained Ruben del Campo.

Wednesday: Clear skies and overnight frosts

Wednesday will be a “very calm” day, although again with clouds in the region of Andalusia and Murcia, we cannot rule out scattered rain or rain accompanied by mud from suspended dust from North Africa, which will cause fog.

Elsewhere, skies will be clearer, except for the Canary Islands, where there will be clouds with heavy rain and showers in the north.

Wednesday night frosts will continue in the interior of the Northern Hemisphere, with temperatures rising during the day, but with a strong contrast between early morning and mid-day when it will top 20C in large areas. country; At points in the Guadalquivir valley, as well as in Seville, it can reach 28 degrees.

Maundy Thursday: Rising temperatures

As of Maundy Thursday, when DANA is sure to move away, it looks like stable and anti-cyclonic weather will prevail across the country, with generally partly cloudy skies, albeit with inland clouds in the afternoon, but mostly no rain.

The temperature will rise, the strength of the frost will decrease, and in the afternoon it will be more than 20 degrees in almost the entire country. It will even touch 28-30 degrees in such cities as Badajoz, Córdoba or Seville.

On Mediterranean coasts, due to the influence of the breeze, thermometers will remain between 18 and 20 degrees in the early hours of the day, “with a sea that is still a little cold for bathing”. To Ruben del Campo.

Good Friday: More volatility

On Good Friday, instability may increase in the northeast of the peninsula, without excluding rain in the eastern Cantabrian Sea, the Pyrenees, Catalonia, the south of the Iberian system and the Balearic Islands.

In addition, it can snow in the Pyrenees above 1000 meters, while the temperature will drop in the north and rise again in the south.

From Saturday to next Monday, although there is still considerable uncertainty in the forecast, it looks like precipitation will remain likely in the northwest and the Balearic Islands, with precipitation generally in the form of rain, drizzle and scattered showers. nature.

By this time, it will exceed 20 degrees practically throughout the country, even on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and it will reach 30 degrees in the Guadalquivir valley.

Source: El Diario





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