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Drug dealers, robbers and dangerous drivers convicted in Southampton

DRUG DEALERS, robbers and dangerous motorists are convicted in Hampshire this month.

From growing thousands of cannabis to leading police in high-speed chases through city streets, dozens were convicted in March.

The following is a list of those who have been tried by the district courts:

Daily Ultrasound: Justin Isles-Low outside Southampton Crown Court 3.1.23

Justin Eilish Lowe

Isles Low led the police in a high-speed chase down Portsmouth Road, reaching speeds of up to 70 mph and missing two red lights.

The officers spotted the motorcyclist, who was carrying the passenger, at the roundabout before he left and disappeared from view.

He was only stopped when he collided with a car at the intersection with Stationsweg.

Prosecutor Tom Wright later said the crash was “inevitable” and that he was “very lucky to have survived with relatively minor injuries”.


Michael Patrick Cowley

This 26-year-old man stole jewelry from a man’s house in the 90s after installing a door chain from the inside.

The owner returned to his home in St. Catherine’s View, Hedge End, but finding himself unable to get inside called the police.

Officers entered and tracked Coley using DNA found on a window at the back of the house.

Analysis of his phone also led him to the Hedge End compound on the day of the crime.


Daily echo: Michael Hawley (top left) and Michael Lawrence (bottom left) and at the entrance to the Crown Court of Winchester (Solent News & Photo Agency) and Emily Lewis.

Michael Lawrence and Michael Hawley

Lawrence, 55, and Hawley, 52, both appeared for sentencing in connection with the Southampton Water high-speed RIB crash that killed Emily Lewis.

A 15-year-old girl from Park Gate was enjoying the ride with her parents and sister when the boat hit a buoy.

She was hospitalized in Southampton but sadly died shortly thereafter.

Skipper Lawrence was found guilty of carelessness and failure to maintain a safe speed.

Hawley’s owner was convicted of unsafe boat handling.


Daily Echo: Alexis Green at Southampton Magistrates' Court.

Timothy O’Brien

O’Brien, 55, quit his job as BBC South Today weather presenter Alexis Green, who was unable to work after bombarding her with sexual messages, photos and videos.

The court learned that O’Brien had never met his victim, but after seeing her on TV, launched a harassment campaign and sent 115 messages.

Miss Green blocked O’Brien on Atlestan Road in Christchurch, but he continued to write to her between December and January of this year.

In a personal statement from her victim, Ms. Green said she was having trouble sleeping after receiving over 30 videos from the defendant.


Daily Echo: PC Liam Beauchane leaves Portsmouth Magistrates' Court.

PC Liam Beauchane

Met agent Boschein appeared in court after he confessed to possessing an extremely pornographic image.

The 25-year-old officer, who lives in Hampshire, was doing a three-month internship at the Met when he sent a photo to a colleague via WhatsApp.

Wessex Attorney General Ruth Sands said after the verdict: “The photo on Liam Beauchane’s phone was nothing short of disgusting and certainly not what the public would expect from a police officer.

“The public has the right to expect police officers to act with integrity and uphold the law to keep our communities safe.


Marcin Shchuchinsk

Marcin Szczuchinsk has grown 48 cannabis plants in the two bedrooms of his home on Kingsclear Avenue in Weston.

The court heard that when the police knocked on the house, the 31-year-old man fled through his backyard, closing the blinds.

Officials entered and dismantled the facility, estimating its cost at between £19,000 and £24,000.

Cannabis bags, two cannabis jars, several vacuum bags, and marijuana seeds were also found under the oven.


Daily Echo: BMW Crash & Melissa Orsbourne

Liam Pushy

Pusey killed his girlfriend after he crashed his modified BMW into an oncoming car at 70 mph.

The court heard that a 20-year-old man crashed into a VW Golf while overtaking a southbound A32 in “wet and windy” conditions.

The Gulf driver, 37-year-old Louise Ray from Farem, suffered a broken wrist and leg.

Accusatory Matthew Farmer said: “Common sense was not used here. He drove dangerously close to the vehicle in front and lost control of the car.”


Daily Echo: Cannabis factory found on Sirdar Road, Southampton.=

Migen Elezi

Convicted drug dealer Elesi was caught growing over 100 plants in a Southampton home after being deported from the UK.

The court heard him return to the UK and harvest up to £66,000 at Sirdar Road, Portswood.

The police got a tip about the factory and surrounded the building, but when they broke in, the 42-year-old man tried to escape.

He climbed down and jumped off the roof, breaking his wrist, but was soon arrested.


Author: Timothy Edgley.

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