Croatian writer Dubravka Ugrešić died

Croatian writer Dubravka Ugrešić died today in Amsterdam, the city where he lived after being exiled from his country at the start of the Balkan wars, surrounded by “a circle of friends and his family”, according to the BBC. Informed by EFE Spanish, Impedimenta. Author of such works as Museum of Unconditional Surrender (nineteen ninety-six), Baba Yaga laid an egg (2008) or American inventionHe died at the age of 74. It was his literary agency ‘Wylie’ that informed Impedimenta about the writer’s death.

Born in Kutina (Croatia) in 1949, Ugrešić was one of Europe’s leading novelists and essayists thanks to his fictional stories and essays about the breakup of the Yugoslav homeland and the fall of the Berlin Wall, as well as his writings on culture. Popular and Literary “Ugrešić’s work is marked by a rare combination of irony, confrontation and compassion,” noted the Wylie Agency, while highlighting the “prolonged public ostracism and constant media harassment” he was subjected to at the outbreak of the Balkan war. When he left Croatia in 1993.

So he added, as a “transnational” or rather “postnational” writer. In exile, which over time became “immigration”, his books were translated into many languages. He has taught at several universities in America and Europe, including Harvard, UCLA, Columbia, and the Free University of Berlin. He was also the winner of several major literary prizes, including the Neustadt International Prize for Literature. His other most notable titles are in the jaws of life, A wave of stream of consciousness, A culture of lies, Museum of Unconditional Surrender, Fox and skin age

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