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A heat wave will leave temperatures typical of May and June this weekend

It’s quite hot in Spain at the weekend. According to the State Meteorological Agency, the heat is much higher than the usual records for this time of the year, although it is not a heat wave, but a “warm episode”. The air temperature will be 5 to 15 degrees above average, depending on the area.

The point is that Spain will be a strong westerly wind corridor that is overheated, so the thermometers will rise a lot. The thermal increase will be more pronounced in the southeast of the peninsula and the temperature will be very unusual for the beginning of March, especially in the Mediterranean area.

A warm air mass will be over the peninsula from Saturday to Monday, so the whole area will reach at least 18 or 20 degrees. Temperatures will generally be 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of year, with parts of the south-east up to 15 degrees.

In fact, it will touch 30 degrees in the Valencian community, the Murcia region and Andalusia. The forecast claims a certain partial record because, according to Aemet, 30 degrees has never been measured in the city of Valencia in the first two weeks of March since the records are available. The series begins in the 60s of the 20th century.

Aemet explains that these heat waves are not a wave, as it is necessary for the thermometers to touch the highest values ​​that were registered in July and August. And what is expected this weekend are normal thermometers for May or, in the Mediterranean, early June.

Cooler winds will move in on Tuesday, bringing the thermometers back down. The temperature drop in the north-eastern quadrant will be sharper compared to Monday to 8 degrees, as in the Ebro valley, the drop does not mean very cold, but normal. Additionally, it will be a short-lived dip as temperatures return to near-normal on Thursday and Friday. This does not apply to minima, so there will be a pronounced thermal contrast between night and day values. “Great thermal contrast,” the agency calls it.

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