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Guide to 8M: Schedule and Route of Major Demonstrations

8M is coming, International Women’s Day and the feminist movement is back on the streets. Towns and cities across the country will hold rallies and demonstrations in an attempt to build muscle and maintain the momentum that managed to shake up society five years ago. In the background is the political context of the controversy surrounding equality and the gap in the feminist movement, which in some areas crystallizes into two separate demonstrations. These are the basic calls:


In Almeria The march will depart from the Rambla Amphitheater to Puerta Purcena at 20:00. Two hours earlier, at 18:00, the 8M commission Cadiz gathered from Plaza Asdrubal to Plaza Catedral. At the same time, the procession will start in St Cordova Detour to the Red Cross before finishing at 21:00 in La Corredera. Also, at 18:00, a protest rally is held Bomb, from Plaza del Triunfo to Paseo del Salón. In Elva The demonstration will leave at 19:00 from Plaza del Antiguo Estadio and st. Jane It will be at 17:30, starting from Plaza de la Concordia and ending at Plaza de Santa María.

In Málaga Feminism will march from Plaza de la Marina to Plaza Constitución at 7:30 p.m. Seville It will be the only Andalusian city where there will be two calls: from 6:30 p.m., between Torre Pelly and San Francisco Square, called by the Feminist Assembly of Seville, and at 7:30 p.m., from Plaza Nueva to Alameda de Hercules. Organized by the Feminist Movement of Seville.


The demonstration in Huesca will start at 19:00 from Plaza Navarre. At the same time, the one in Zaragoza will do so, from Plaza Aragon, and also in Teruel, which will depart from Plaza del Torrico.


This year a great Asturian demonstration was called in Mieres by Asturies Feminista 8M at 7:00 from Pozu Barredo to Plaza Campus Universitario. In Gijón, the “Libres y combativas” student union organized a simultaneous protest in the bullring of El Bibio.


In Palm There will be a double call. The first one, organized by the 8M transfeminist coordinator of Mallorca, will leave the Plaza de España at 18:00. The second one, which will start at 19:00 in the Parque de las Estaciones, is organized by the Feminist Movement of Mallorca.

Canary Islands

8M Feminist Platform Tenerife called for a rally that will leave Plaza Weiler at 7:00 p.m. At the same time, the march will start from San Telmo Park, called by the Feminist Network Gran Canaria And in Aresife, he will leave the square of the capital Lanzarote at 19:00. The action will start at 18:00 Palm, specifically on Calle Real de Santa Cruz de La Palma. On the same island, another demonstration was called in Los Llanos de Aridán by the Feminist Association of Jacaranda Palmera at 18:00 from the Placeta.


The 8th De Marzo Commission of Cantabria and the Open Feminist Assemblies of Cantabria meet in St. Santander19:00 from Puerto Chico to Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Castile and Leon

The CCOO meets Avila From Plaza del Mercado Grande (Plaza de Santa Teresa) at 19:30. in the Plaza del Cid Burgos At 20:00 invites Burgos Feminist Coordinator. In the lion There are two, at 6:30 pm provided by the Feminism Movement of León, departing from Avenida Ordono II, in front of City Hall, and at 7:00 pm from 8M León Commission Guzmán roundabout. The Women’s Rights Platform is meeting Palencia at 20:00 from Calle Mayor (at the height of the woman of Palencia).

In Salamanca, at 20:00 the feminist movement of Salamanca gathers in the Plaza de la Concordia. at 19:00 Segovia, leads to the 8M Segovia platform for the Rotonda del Pastor-Conde Sepúlveda- Ezequiel González-Azoguejo route. The Women’s Municipality Council will go Soria At 20:00, from the Plaza Mayor and at the same time the Women’s Coordinator organized a march that will leave from the Plaza Fuente Dorada to St. Valladolid. 8M assembly Zamora Meet at 8.30pm at Millstone in La Marina.

Castilla La Mancha

In Albacete Meeting Albacete 8M platform at 18:00 from Gabriel Lodares Square to Altozano Square. Violet Command summons pool At 18:00 from Plaza de Toros to the intersection of Carreteria Street near Sánchez Vera Street. A real city will host the Assembly of Feminist Women of Ciudad Real at Plaza Mayor at 20:00 and st. Guadalajara The 8M Commission calls on women to take to the streets at 19:30 from Santo Domingo Square. In ToledoThe Toledo 8M platform will gather at 18:30 at Parque de la Vega.


In Barcelona The informative central picket starts at Jardinets de Gràcia at 9:00 am. At 12:00 there will be a student demonstration in Plaça Universitat, the same place at 18:30 for a unitary demonstration called by Assemblea 8M.

In tarragon Meet at platform 8M at Plaça Imperial Tàrraco at 12:00 and CCOO at the same time at Plaça de la Dona Treballadora. in the sub-delegation of the Generalitat Girona There will be a concentration at 11:00 a.m. and at 6:00 p.m. two demonstrations called by the Coordinator of Anti-Capitalist Feminism in the 1st of October Square and the Feminist Platform in Plaça de la Independència will begin.

In LeydaThe Purple Tide will depart at 18:00 from Plaça Ricard Vinyes and at 18:30 the Lleida 8M coordinator will meet at the 8 de Mar square.

Society of Valencia

In ValenciaThe Feminist Assembly of Valencia meets at 17:30 from the CIE in Zapadores, and at 19:00 from La Porta de la Mar, the Feminist Coordinator of Valencia meets.


The main protests will take place in Extremadura Badajoz, where at 18:00 the procession will start from Avenida de Huelga; in Caceres Half an hour later from Plaza de America; in Merida at 20:00 from the Plaza de España and at the same time from the Parque de la Coronation placenta.


The action will start in St A Coruña from the obelisk at 20:00. The Feminist Movement of Compostela is gathering Santiago de Compostela March 8 in Praza at 19:00. Along the same route comes another title supported by the Marcha Mundial das Mulleres. In Lugo, departing from the Xunta multipurpose building (Ronda da Muralla, 70) at 20:00. At 12:30 there will be a concentration in Praza Maior de Ourense and at 20:00 the demonstration of the sub-delegation of the government (Parque de San Lázaro, 3). In Pontevedra Departs at 20:00 from and within the Place de Ourense Vigo They will depart at the same time from Praza dos Cabalos.

Community of Madrid

In Madrid The 8M Commission calls for a demonstration at 7:00 PM that will start in Atocha and continue along Paseo del Prado, crossing Plaza de Cibeles and continuing along Calle de Alcalá and Gran Via to Plaza de España. Another demonstration organized by the Feminist Movement of Madrid will take place starting at 18:30 from the Plaza del Imperador Carlos V (Gloria de Atocha) until ending in the Province Square.

Region of Murcia

The Feminist Assembly of the Region of Murcia and the Feminist Movement of the Region of Murcia are calling for a demonstration at 7:00 pm and it will begin in Murcia Square, Plaza de la Fuensanta.


The rally in Pamplona will leave Antoniute Park at 20:00.

Basque country

In Bilbao The student union called for a student feminist strike in front of the Ariaga theater at 12:00. The call for the abolition of the feminist movement block is at 18:30 at the corner of Viajes Ecuador on Gran Via (poster workshop in Dona Casilda Park at 17:00) Euskal Herriko Pengimiento Feminista, gathers with the motto ” Denon silajak kentenaan” at 19:30 at Plaza Corazon from de Jesus.

In Donostia The student union is calling for a student feminist strike from the boulevard at 12:00. At 6:30 p.m., the Euskal Herriko Feminista Movement and the Bloc of Abolitionists converge from the old tunnel.

Vitoria-Gasteiz will host the Student Feminist Strike of the Student Union, which convened at 12:00 from the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca and at 18:45 the Euskal Herriko Mögment Feminista and the Abolitionist Bloc gather from the Plaza Bilbo.


The March 8 platform calls for a demonstration in the streets of Logrono, leaving at 7:00 pm from Glorieta del Doctor Zubía.

Source: El Diario





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