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Government approves strengthening of firemen and forest agents to fight fires

The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday a bill that recognizes firefighters and forest agents throughout Spain, in particular, as an instrument in the “prevention and fight against fires”. Their number is more than 20,000 people.

The purpose of both norms, which will now go to the Congress of Deputies, is for the two bodies to serve “365 days of preparation, as the fire season lengthens each year and their virulence increases over time.” , explained the executive.

The question is that these two figures have accumulated inequality by being regulated by each autonomous community. These new statuses aim to ensure “equivalent working and professional conditions throughout the country”. Now each regional government decides how to activate firefighters and what tasks should be performed beyond firefighting.

The draft law for this body defines its general functions, which, in addition to this suppression, include population prevention, detection, surveillance or information work.

In the case of agents, the Ministry of Ecological Transition believes that “their consideration as special administrative police and judicial police in the general sense” will be strengthened, which will emphasize their authority to protect nature.

Source: El Diario





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