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Bishops call for “no politicization of abortion” but sign interfaith text against law in week Vox plans to repeal it.

“We have watched with growing concern as for decades laws have been promulgated and enacted in our country that, in some cases, leave human life seriously vulnerable, legislating not only against the principles of the Creator, but against the most fundamental principles. Human rights: the right to life. Representatives of the main religions in Spain (except the Jewish community) signed ““Interfaith Declaration on the Dignity of Human Life”. Signed today at the headquarters of the Episcopal Conference, they attacked “the three powers of the Spanish state: legislative, executive and judicial”, to which they will hand over the document, because of recent laws such as those on abortion. and euthanasia, as well as against the Constitutional Court’s approval of the law’s deadlines.

And they’re doing it in the same week that one of the most controversial bishops, José Ignacio Munilla, viciously attacked the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, for saying that abortion is a right. Munilla accused him of “betraying his life’s work”, asking himself “how can anyone in good conscience support such a party?”, and almost at the same time as the far-right presented a proposal to abolish abortion. the law. Despite everything, the Secretary General of the Episcopal Conference, Cesar García Magán, asked “not to politicize the issue of abortion and not only to focus on it, but to open a wide spectrum to protect life.”

“We want to give a positive and targeted message to the Spanish community that faith is not an obstacle to life and the dignity of the person,” emphasized the representative of the bishop, who admitted that “it is clear (the statement) is motivated. According to the last decision of the Constitutional Court”.

Magan defended the controversial prayers in front of the clinics, noting that “we all have the right to act in the public square, including believers. Of course, in peaceful ways.”

Magani did not want to join the personal attacks of bishops like Munilla, although he maintained that “we also have freedom of thought and expression.” The prelate also defended the controversial prayer in front of the clinics, noting that “we all have the right to act in the public square, including the faithful. Of course, by peaceful means, without attacking anyone and respecting everyone.”

For her part, Carolina Bueno, executive secretary of the Spanish Federation of Evangelical Units (FEREDE), emphasized that religions “want to appreciate the dignity of life of the unborn and also of those who are most in need. Deprived of society”. “We think of immigrants, people who are victims of slavery, victims of trafficking, refugees, vulnerable or excluded children, MENA, the most vulnerable parts of society…” said the evangelical leader, who emphasized that “not only we make a statement, but we work To protect this life.” However, he admitted, “today is what it is.”

In the declaration, the signatories note that “human dignity does not depend on their life situation or social consensus, but is an intrinsic quality of each person whose rights must always be protected.” “All human life, with its inviolable dignity, must be protected from beginning to end,” the text emphasizes, acknowledging that “there are difficult situations, obvious conflicts of rights, which are difficult to resolve.” Nevertheless, “we recognize that profound ethical and moral dilemmas cannot be resolved in a general way by sacrificing one fundamental right (in this case, the right to life) to the detriment of another.”

The note concludes by saying, “Our believers, the general public and the political community are asked to think again and commit ourselves to cooperate and work together so that all human life is protected and protected as a gift of God, endowed with the highest dignity. ”

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